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Flag of Howland Island

Howland Island Flag

Howland Island is a tiny remote piece of America far off in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Its grand footnote in history is that it was supposed to welcome Amelia Earhart on her historic flight across the Pacific in 1937.

There was also the Battle of Howland Island during WWII. It was attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy on December 8, 1941 and two Americans were killed.

Amelia Earhart Memorial of Howland Island

The colours of Howland Island flag are red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, purple, pink and white. In the upper hoist is the number 99 to represent the organization Ninety-Nines - a flight organization for women established in 1922, just after American women were given the gift to vote. Amelia Earhart was instrumental and the first president of the 99s. Near the lower fly is the lonely beacon left on Howland Island. This beacon was named after Amelia Earhart for her forlorn voyage across the Pacific. It is indigo with a pink heart in its center.

The five coloured striped rainbow arcs from the upper fly to lower hoist is a sinister bend. The rainbow creates four apparent blue stripes with the background. The rainbow signifies the inspirational light of Amelia Earhart for all people to follow their dreams - no matter what the naysayers or whatever negative judgements others may have.

The indigo and pink colours of the Earhart Icon represents the hope of young girls as well as boys to dream with a truest and purest heart.


Earhart Beacon:
Joann94024 at en.wikipedia.

Deutsch: Signalturm "Earhart Light" auf der Howlandinsel im Pazifik

English: Day beacon "Earhart Light" on Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean. 19 August 2008. Own Work.

Emily Earhart

Flag Image For Howland Island, Free USE -
July 24, 2012 - 12:48pm EST
- As creator and vexillologist I, Christopher Maddish, release this flag into the public domain to be copied and used for any purpose. Citations are not necessary. As the original artist I free the flag of Howland Island designed by myself.


  1. That is so appropriate. Great Design

  2. I don't like the flag. I can accept the 99 but not the beacon with the heart inside. Please draw it better (beacon) and change the colours light-blue and pink.

    1. i agree. the entire flag looks like it was made in MS Paint

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