Monday, November 21, 2011

Syria and Iraq - Fraternal Twins

Flag Syria 1932-1958, 1961-1963

Syria and Iraq have had hundreds of different nations fly flags over their soil. But in the modern era they have been conjoined as Arab Nation States - ever so similar yet completely different.

There are two modern day 20th century versions that match by colour. Their matching colours are green, white, black and red. They are both divided equally in three parts but different ways. Syria horizontally and Iraq vertically. The old Syrian flag has three red stars reflective of night while the old Iraqi flag has yellow sun with eight red rays reflective of day.

Their flags were in official alignment at the dawn of the space age from 1961 unto 1963.

Flag of Iraq 1959-1963

They align like Yin and Yang - Syria facing west on Mediterranean Sea in tribute to the Atlantic and Iraq towards the east on the Persian Gulf in tribute to the Indian Ocean. They are both biblical lands were all of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Mormonism all agree that the will of God was revealed to man. Forget about landing on the moon, all the leaders of the Western World believe that the God spoke to mankind in both Iraq and Syria.

Both nations were settings for the Old Testament. And technically speaking Abraham was born in ancient Iraq and lived in ancient Syria. Although Islam is the strongest anthem in both nations, the original ancient Asian Christian Churches are still active. They are in fact older than the Protestant, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox Churches of Europe.

Coincidentally both nations have been thrust in the tempest of change by the modern world and sit on the rift of the ancient and modern worlds. They have similar friends, enemies and frenemies. Their relationship with the West has been dynamic and vibrant. It can be summed up with a most common of paradoxes - bitter-sweet.

Just as their 'retired' black, white and green flags match so do their official pan-Arab black, white and red flags match. They are perpetual brothers locked by fate like the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. Similar, yet so different.

Maybe it's something about their latitude, which is on par with Texas. Like Texas, Iraqis and Syrians express their faith with utter conviction and fear not the shame of their inner light and outer calling. But unlike Texas, Iraq and Syria are root nations witness to the every changing historical drama and presence of divine will. The foundation to all the branches of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam trace their deepest of roots to these two nations.

Their water shed was of the original rivers mentioned in Book of Genesis. It is no wonder the word of God would have a deep impact on the character of this region.

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