Friday, November 4, 2011

SpongeBob with the official Bikini Bottom Flag

Here it is again the official flag of Bikini Atoll on the imagined isle next to SpongBob's place.

The 23 white stars in the blue canton represent the 23 islands of Bikini Atoll. The three black stars near the upper right represent the 3 isles that were terraformed in 1954 by US nuclear art deco techniques. The two black stars next to the Bikini Native words represent the two far away places where Bikini Natives had to move to - Kili Island and Majuro Atoll.

The language on the flag is Marshallese, which can be translated as 'the universe is perpetually molded by the divine.' Although Bikini Atoll is no longer officially a part of the USA, the imprint of left by the United States had an intense effect in more ways than one. Also note that Bob, Pat, Squiddy, and Mr. C are all, in theory, Marshallese Citizens.

Mr. Square-Pants holding the Bikini Atoll Flag. Note that he also has a 'Welcome Pineapple' flag in front of his pineapple house.

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