Friday, November 18, 2011

Portal Flags and Logo

Portal Machines taking over the UN

Portal 2-2011 is the sequel to another video game Portal -2007. Portal was a ground breaking video game that used less violence, rather it yet made the player use his or her brain in order to advance.

First time users often get a slight headache or brain itch when first playing this game.

The game theme is man versus machine. Usually this rivalry is set in a melodramatic life and death struggle for the soul of man and earth.

But in the Portal Universe the anti-human machines have an edge of humor and element of likability. Unlike Hal 9000, the Terminator or the bots from the Matrix Trilogy - the 'enemy' robots have depth of character and charming personalities.

Flags appear in one of the early entrance elevator way stations. The flags are shown at a digitized government forum, during a public service announcement. The announcement is that an 'Animal King' has taken over with no capacity or refuses to listen to reason. There are six flags - Ghana, Sweden, Austria, Bulgaria, and Argentina. There is one more but it can not be clearly determined - it may be the flag of the EU?

Video with flags and humanized Opera and ending song

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