Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Northern Exposure Flags - Alaskan and the US Flags

Alaskan Flag as it appeared in Northern Exposure

To the left is the state flag of Alaska as it appeared in the television series Northern Exposure 1990-1995. It was set in a fictional Alaskan town - Sicily, Alaska. However most of the footage was shot in Washington State.

Here we see Maurice hanging from his roof under the Alaskan State flag in the pilot episode.

The odd fact about the Alaskan Flag is that it became the official flag before it became an official state. Most state flags were made official only after they had become states.

Dr. Fleischman and Maurice Minnifield
Maurice has the American Flag Patch

The lead role of Northern Exposure starred Rob Murrow who plays as Dr. Joel Fleischman - a New York City Slicker in wild Alaska. The shows main premise is the classic formula of a fish out of water. On the right is the most powerful man in Sicily, Alaska played by Barry Corbin - a lovable conservative patriotic former astronaut and multi-million entrepreneur.

Chris in his cosmic groove speaking about light

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