Friday, November 18, 2011

Matrix Flags from the prequel animated series

Burning Human Flag?
reminiscent of the Iwo Jima flag photo

The Animatrix was dazzling sequence of short movies that further expanded and explained some the back story to the Matrix Trilogy. In the Second Renaissance the origins of the human and machine conflict are explained. During the battle sequence we see a burning flag being lowered by the humans as the machines - AI - succeeds in overtaking humanity.

Insignia of the High Court during the
age of human mastery over machines

The first court case of a machine murdering its flesh and blood master because it didn't want to be destroyed causes a sequence of events to unfold.

During this fictional dramatization the insignia of the high human court is shown. It is composed of a bald eagle, in its right talon is a four leaf clover. In its left talon and a human skull. The eagles head is facing dexter - towards the four leaf clover. On the chest of the bald eagle is a square shield with a balance that is black and white.

Flags of the UN shown in The Second Renaissance

After the machines are expelled to the wasteland deserts of Asia, they eventually demonstrate a greater business capacity than humankind. This causes panic, fear, and jealousy to arise amongst the nations of the world. The nations then unite against the machines. In this shot, the flags of Azerbaijan, Malaysia, and Maldives are clearly visible.

A robot on a machine horse with flaming flag

Even the machines utilize flags during war to better coordinate offensive tactics. Here we see a humanoid robot figure on a machine horse holding a 'trumpet' upon making battle with the humans.

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