Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Gelfling Badge-Symbol

The three leafed Gelfling Symbol
on the far right

The main character in the Dark Crystal 1982 centered on Jen a young male Gelfling. The time comes when a rare celestial alignment occurs that heralds a cataclysmic change. But in order to restore a natural balance Jen must fulfill a certain prophecy.

Gelfling Symbol in triangle with shard of the Dark Crystal

On his cosmic earthly adventure Jen comes across the ruins of his ancestors. There he recognizes a few symbols and 'words that stay.' All throughout the forbidden Gelfling Ruins, a three leafed icon can be found. It seems to represent the Gelflings or Gelfling Royalty. Perhaps it is related to the 'three suns becoming one prophecy?'

Likewise, Jim Henson was prophetic in 1982 when he created this movie. The world of the Dark Crystal centered on planet with three suns. Back in the 1980s and 1990s many persons - even with pHDs - assumed that a trinary star system would not gravitationally allow for the formation of planets. But in 2005 Henson's imagination was proven correct with the discovery of planet in HD 188753 - which is a triple star system.
Kira Sitting on the Gelfling Throne?

Thus the view from a moon or other planet in the HD 188753 Star System would have a view similar to the one depicted in the Dark Crystal.

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