Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flag of Zero One - the colours of the unrecognized machine nation from the Matrix

The Animatrix was a series of short animated prequels for the Matrix Trilogy. It was a collection of nine stories that expanded and explained some of the back story. In The Second Renaissance the 'flag' of the machine-robot nation is revealed as a union of white with black.

It is first shown as an imprint on cars made by 01 - the machine nation.

Arms of the Machine Nation

Here the apparent arms of the 01-machine nation are shown. It is a shield cut in three sections vertically. On the left side it is white, in the middle is a thin grey metal division and on the right it is black. In the center is a thin grey line below the navel. At the honor point tilted to right is a grey disc. It is crowned with six metal extensions. In the compartment is a silver V shaped chevron. Notice 01 white and black badge in the lower left corner.

Here a package shows the white and black badge of 01-machine nation.

After the governments decide that the unrecognized and economically powerful nation of 01 must be destroyed, war results.

On the left a humanoid robot riding another robot horse leads the 01 armies into battle with the nations of the world. The flag of 01 is torn and tattered.

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