Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A family from Punjab: the Sikh-Khalistani and Roma-Gypsy

Flag of Khalistan
a nation that almost was

Here is another cosmic or rather earthly pair of fraternal flag twins that originate out of the enchanted land known as Punjab in India. The forlorn flag of Khalistan and flag of the Roma.

The Roma commonly known as Gypsies are distant cousins to people of Punjab in India. Currently Punjab has been graced as the homeland to the Sikh Religion. The Sikh Religion in a way acts as a bridge between the Abrahamic and Hindexic Religions - the two most ancient religions to survive unto the modern world, that have both given rise to many rival branches and schools of thought.

Flag of the Roma
a nation that never was

Neither the Roma-Gypsy nor Sikh-Kalistani have a recognized nation state. Rather they are people with a defined way of life. The Roma-Gypsy were fated to roam across the western world while the Sikh-Kalistani have stayed home cloistered between a dominantly Hindu-India and Islamic-Pakistan.

1971 were watershed moments in both histories as the Roma Flag became official at the 1971 Roma World Congress held at London. In balance to that the founder of the Kalistan-Sikh Nation - Jagit Singh Chauhan - proclaimed the existence of the Independent Nation of Kalistan in the New York Times (October 13, 1971) where the Sikh Religion would no longer have to play second or third fiddle to the Hinduism or Islam in the Punjabi Region.

The harmony between the flags is rather subtle. They are divided banners in the middle, the Roma with a fess and the Khalistani with a pale. Centered on both flags is a religious icon a red wheel for the Roma and a black Sikh symbol. Harmony lies in a the over all design of the flag elements and the colour blue - the colour of law.

"Pujab, Punjab, a land that the Romani could call home or mother. You were indeed home for a long lost brother. Loved by Islam and hoped for by the Hindu, an enchanting heart you are for any Jew. Your perpetually golden temple shines bright for all. Your virtual nation and flag shine with awe. Both turn 40, what of coincidence! Never fear, your over the hill and its all in Gods will, easier it will be, for your perpetual journey, towards your splendid and enchanted romantic destiny."

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  1. Do not compare Gypsies with Sikhs. Our land is Panjab. while Gypsies in india move from state to state. They have same nomadic lifestyle in India like they have in Europe. and Sikhs is not race its religion were many races in India converted. I remember my self when Gypsies use to come to our village in India and camped for days did services for village like handcraft other.