Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Flags and vexillology

PE Teacher with school patch
Home of the Westmore Middle School Hornets

Diary of Wimpy Kid was written Jeff Kinney. This is an immensely popular children's book series that nearly every American Kid has come into contact with. It's kind of like Dilbert in Middle-Elementary School? Part confessional, part chicken soup, and part humor. 9 out of 10 kids agree it's good and can relate to the social challenges presented by Mr. Kinney.

Running with the flag during a game of Gladiator

Wimpy Kid concerns itself with that magical period just before young adulthood - those twisted teenage years. The joy of childhood reaches its peak just before puberty. Biologically teens are adults but mentally - they need a lot more cooking in today's modern society.

Here the younger boys are dominated by the older kids during a game of Gladiator.

Halloween Costume with Safety Pennant Flag

Although the flag may seem out of place, knights from the middle ages often carried lance pennons. The flag stick is not safety device but lance pennon. In either case they serve to protect and identify the person carrying it!

Animated Version of Halloween Adventures
It's not a safety flag - it's a lance pennon!

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