Friday, November 25, 2011

Dances with Wolves, part 2 - Ten Bears' Vexilloid

The elder of the John Dunbar's adopted tribe in Dances with Wolves is Ten Bears. Ten Bears was witness to comming and passing of the Spanish and French, before the arrival of the Yankee.

Ten Bear's vexilloloid consists of a hook shaped fuzzy candy candy cane decorated with various items.

Close Up of Ten Bears with primitive flag


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  2. You think it is made from a candy idea? you know what a lot of you are seriously not in their right minds, it is one of the original Indian designs of symbols and like staffs also used as a sign of status holding feathers each feather is earned by the warrior, seeing a headdress or stick holding many feathers is a sign of a chief or warrior status, it is the white people who came along and used or changed or associated the designs with white symbolism for jokes or fashion for instance Indians invented ice skating, hockey, the football, Lacrosse and many games now used by the white world, it is the reverse way around, the pilgrims and colonialists copied much of indigenous American and Mesoamerican Indian cultures, theology and games, so it is without doubt that these games and status symbols used were taken on by whites and given to ignorance to their unknowing peoples of the white worlds whom now have no knowledge of the true origins, so it is insulting taken in explanation with comedy "The question of who was first to practice a theology or culture makes the greater difference"(819