Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dances with Wolves - part 4: the eagle father flag

Lakota Indians from Dances with Wolves

The Lakota where the people portrayed in Dances with Wolves 1990. The background of this shot was in perfect harmony with Native Americans. Note that Every spear or lance is intricately decorated as to indicate the user. Used in a similar manner to heraldic lance pennons.

A heavily feathered Native American 'Pennon'

A close up image of the highly symbolic and decorative lance of one of the Lakota. It is safe to assume that the amount of feathers and the more elaborate, are proportional to rank and position. Note the Native American lance pennon was used in a similar manner as a flag in a cavalry unit.

Another Image of the Lakota on Horse

In this picture the Lakota have taken John Dunbar's advice and found the trail of the desperately needed herd of buffalo.

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