Saturday, November 19, 2011

Anti Flag Album Covers

Debut Album of Anti-Flag

Anti-Flag is a punk rock group that lives up to its name. As the title suggests, flags can often be found in the art and music associated with Anti-Flag. Anti-Flag combines elements of the counter culture movement with music and political activism. Their musical riffs lie at a polar opposite of patriotic American Country music - like Toby Kieth.

Their debut album was Die for the Government released in 1996. It featured the US flag held upside down and members of the band blind folded with punk rock haircuts.

The People of the Gun album cover 2009

The album covers and shows with Anti-Flag often have the US flag hung upside down. Hanging the US flag in this manner is not necessarily an insult, officially it means that the situation is dire and help is needed.

Their shocking use of the American flag is purposeful. Their anti-establishment message and harsh judgement on certain aspects of US corporate culture is intended to garner attention and jolt people into thinking about larger global and social issues beyond personal consumerism.

A New Kind of Army 1999

Perhaps their most controversial cover was the on artwork on A New Kind of Army released in 1999. On this album the four members of the band are raising an upside down distress US flag signal in a similar manner as in the famous Iwo Jima flag photo of 1945.

A typical video of Anti-Flag

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