Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Avatar Insignia, part 2 - arm patch insignia

Marine Pandora Mission Patch - right arm
Science sortie pilot Trudy Chacon

The visually stunning movie Avatar 2009 was an epic award winning science fiction film by James Cameroon. Humans have learned to travel to their closest neighboring star system - Alpha Centauri and a clash of planets occurs over precious resources.

Of vexillological interest are the military badges that humans wear on the right arm. It is a pentagonal shape. Divided in the center - the right half is red with a blue and white sphere. The left half is blue with several indiscernible markings.

Native Na'vi arm band rank - left arm

The natives of Pandora the Na'vi also employ an armband type of marking. However each person has their own design. To the right Jake Sully in this Na'vi body wears an arm band with two colourful 'feathers.'

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