Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Avatar Insignia, part 1 - RDA

The Venture Star with RDA Corporate Logo

Audiences around the world whipped away to an imaginative tale about our neighboring star system - Alpha Centauri - by James Cameroon in Avatar 2009.

The story is set on an imaginary planet where the native blue skinned peoples live on resource that humans desperately want for it's high value. The RDA corporation uses remote control bodies to manipulate the natives off their 'sacred' land.

In RDA logo can be seen in several shots. The first time the logo of RDA corp. can be seen on a space ship above Pandora.

RDA Mining Truck on Pandora

In another shot the an RDA minning truck passes in front of Jake Sully - the hero of the story. The colours of RDA corp. are yellow, white, and navy blue. The logo consists of four circles - linked four petal flower. The chief and base discs are yellow. On the sinister side is a navy blue disc and on the dexter side is a white disc with a blue outer ring.

Official Logo of RDA - Resources Development Adminstration

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