Friday, September 30, 2011

The 50 US States with a California Twist, plus a little more

Here are the 50 US states flags with a California overtone, plus Canada too.

Just as America is a nation of immigrants, California the largest state with non-Native Californian-Americans. Thus any American not born in California but becomes a resident to California is a 'N.O.F.C.A-Californian.' (Not Originally From California American) In honor of all 'NOFCA' Californians who headed to the Golden State to pursue their dreams or riches or East and South in a few cases, here are flags for naturalized born out of state Californian-Americans. Fly them with pride.

For an expanded explanation on the various animals that represent each flag, follow the link - within this blog to the California Republic Mojo Flags.

The Not Originally Native California American Pride Flag Video

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