Wednesday, February 3, 2010

California Republic Mojo


These flags can be flown by California Residents who come from other states.  For example the first flag is for residents of California who were born in Alabama.   Although they may be a California resident, they should always be proud of being born from Alabama.

The Alabama Red Bellied turtle is the official state reptile.

The raccoon is an official state symbol of Tennessee. It makes so much sense, since the raccoon skin hat is a symbol of the colonial frontier when Tennessee was the frontier.

The North American porcupine is found all across America, since the word Washington is synonymous with America or rather the United States of America, the forests of Washington are populated by many a porcupine.

If you ever visit the District of Columbia you may notice the varied tame and intelligent squirrels. These little critters are common sight all across America and no member of government can avoid seeing them in their daily lives at DC. Ronald Regan was enchanted by these wily little 'teddy bear' people as has been every president before and after wards.

The Horny Toad, is really a lizard! This critter does not have a tadpole stage like other toads. The colours are taken from the flag of New Mexico state. The official state lizard is the whip tail lizard, but the horny toad lizard is much cooler and exotic.

The white tailed deer is an official animal of Illinois. Illinois is a big state, it is the biggest Yankee State East of Mississippi even though it's in the mid-west.

The red fox is not an official animal of Virginia, rather the fox hound dog is. California Republic Mojo flags will only have critters that were here before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. But there are two exceptions, you'll just have to read on to see who the two exceptions are.

By golly here is one of those exceptions! Arkansas, the wild boars were introduced by the Spanish as hunting food. The 'razor back' is not an official animal of Arkansas rather it is a mascot of a rather famous Arkansas college football team.

The great river otter is not a symbol of Missouri, but since Missouri is famous for being a river state....ergo the otter.

Interestingly the official mammal of North Carolina is the Grey Squirrel, but it dose not seem to fit right. Rather the bold and wise gray wolf seems more like good fit. North Carolina is big state with powerful people. Like a wild wolf, if you can earn the loyalty of a North Carolinian you'll have a true friend for life.

It's obvious isn't? The smallest state gets with a tiny critter? The Star of David is there in commemoration of the first North American Synagogue built in Rhode Island.

The Pika is something of a cross between a rabbit and groundhog. It's like the famous Japanese PIKACHU that only nerds and people under the age of 30 will understand. If you rub a balloon on Pika fur a lightning bolt will indeed shoot out!

Texas has plenty armadillos, these unique species of animals are only found in the Americas. Likewise Texas has its own unique charm that distinguishes itself from all other states. Also the smaller nine banded armadillo is the state mammal of Texas.

Louisiana sure does have tasty frogs legs, but the Bull Frog is not the state amphibian of this water logged state. Rather American green tree frog is the amphibian of Louisiana. The bullfrog seems more rugged and mo' Southern?

Ohio is so common its uncommonly common. The cotton tail rabbit is common all over America and not a state symbol of Ohio.

Bobcats can be found all over North America. The cross patten of stars is done in honor of Mormon Church, which is a home grown made in the USA Church found all over America just like the Bobcat.

The beaver is on the backside of the Oregon flag, so it only makes sense to have on the Cali-Republic Mojo flag. This constructive critter is a state symbol of Oregon.

Prairie dogs are not dogs, they are more like prairie squirrels, called dryly by the scientist as ground squirrels. The official mammal of Nebraska is the White Tailed Deer as it is in so many other states.

We love NJ! But the funky smell of technology is by product of industrialization. Besides the skunk is a cool animal native to the US. Imagine if we could resolve our conflicts with farts? Although it'd be a smelly place, it'd be funnier, and no one would get hurt.

Alaska is cold and big, thus the polar bear is an appropriate symbol. But the state mammal is a Moose, but that spot was taken by Maine.

The Moose is an official mammal of Maine and makes an appearance on the official state flag.

Florida gators, you can't mess with that. The American Alligator is indeed that state animal of Florida.

The pronghorn sheep looks like something from Africa, nope. It's a native 'American-Antelope' of the USA. This neat looking deer has been barely noticed in American consciousness as an American symbol. No state uses this majestic animal as a symbol, rather the white tailed deer has monopolized this position.

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The Not Originally Native California American Pride Flag Video
each animal attempts to capture the spirit of the state