Saturday, August 27, 2011

2002 AA29, Earth's Shadow Moon - Avalon

Flag of Avalon
Asteroid-Moon minor planet 2002 AA29

In 2002 we discovered an asteroid in sync with the Earth. And nine years later, it still does not have a name! I propose the name Avalon, which was also a fictional planet in DC Comics.

This 'minor planet' crosses the line in between a moon and asteroid, like Cruinthne. However Cruinthne is more asteroid like than Avalon-2002 AA29.

Avalon orbits the sun in the same cosmic groove with Earth, in a 95 year 'horseshoe' orbit on the sun. Thus it qualifies in some regard as a moon, rather than an asteroid.

Avalon is in effect a non-conformist independent minded moon that 'follows' Earth on its own good time. If it were a conformist moon, like the regular moon, it'd be a kin to the dwarf moons of Mars - Phobos and Deimos.

Astrological Symbol for
Avalon 2002 AA29

The flag of Avalon 2002 AA29 is basic tri-bar with a thinner middle bar. The background tri-bar colours are pink by the hoist, black by the fly, and yellow in the center. In the middle is the name Avalon spelled with Roman, Greek and Russian Letters. These letters were chosen because of their symmetrical axis along the up-down stoke.

In order the letters and their 'home' alphabets

A - Greek A
V - Roman V
A - Roman A
^ -Greek L
O - Roman
H - Russian N

The spaces within the letters are coloured in a rainbow reflective of the harmonious hopes of Alavon.

Orbit of Avalon 2002 AA29 Video


  1. Your draft astrological symbol for "Avalon" is identical to George Weilenmann's proposed astronomical symbol for 65 Cybele.