Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cruithne Flag - Asteroid 3753

Flag of Cruithne
Earth's part-time moon
It's an asteroid? Moon? Dwarf Planet? Moonernoid? Huh? Maybe a Dwarf Planet-Moon/Asteroid!?

None of the above... they call it Cruithne part moon, part asteroid or something like that.

Cruithne was discovered on October 10, 1986 by a Scotsman - Duncan Waldron. It's a tiny part-time moon that visits every autumn. It's the moon that wanted to be a both a planet and a moon. You could call it a 'Dwarf Plamoon' or 'Moonet.'

Scientifically its designation is 3753 Cruithne. It comes close to earth every November.

The colours of this flag are orange, green, blue, black and white. The basic pattern was modeled after the Scottish flag in honor of its discoverer. The orange and green colours are a reflection of its name. The Cruithne were an ancient people who lived in Ireland.

Astrological Symbol for Cruinthne

This symbol is based on the Ogham Alphabet. It was popular in Ireland and Scotland during the rise of the Cruinthne people 400-700 AD. It is pronounced 'oi' and also means gold.

There is a crescent moon in the upper triangle to denote Cruithne's status as a part time moon that visits Earth in between Halloween and Thanksgiving. It's about five miles wide, small but big enough for a space station. Somebody from earth will probably visit it by 2040. Certainly by the year 2111 people will be living on Cruithne.

As what to call it, my favorite is 'Moonernoid.'

Idealized View from Cruithne on Thanksgiving or Halloween

Watch the Singlet Master Rich Hall Discuss this ''singlet" Moon on the BBC

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