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Vulcan the Part-time Moon of Venus - Asteroid 2002 VE68

Flag of Vulcan 2002 VE68
Venus' part time moon

On November 11, 2002 LONEOS became aware of a hybrid moon-asteroid, aka The Moonernoid. Moonernoid sounds better than asteroid or qasi-moon, plus it'll get children and the pubic more interested.

The good name for this 'minor planet' would be Vulcan 2002 VE68, since it crosses past Mercury and Earth. It's moon-like behavior is centered on Venus.

Why it is considered in some degree as a moon and not simply an asteroid?

Astrological Symbol for
Vulcan 2002 VE68

Because it exhibits 'orbital resonance' with Venus. Basically Vulcan is in sync with Venus. A year of Vulcan lasts nearly the same amount of time on Venus - about 225 days for a trip around the sun. Although Vulcan is not exactly in the same cosmic groove as Venus, it's in the same temporal groove, meaning it is doing a gravitational jitterbug with Venus.

Although Venus does not have a hardcore conformist moon like Phobos or our circular white wonder, it's officially recognized by the scientific community as a 'Quasi-Moon' like Cruithne 3753. Which creates the theoretical possibility of a quasi-planet and quasi-star - if such a heavenly body should follow such a wacky non-conformist orbit.

Spock with Vulcan Hand Greeting

Apparently Vulcan 2002 VE68 has been a part-time moon with Venus for the past 7000 years and will continue to do so until about the 22th century - by that time humans, if they even look like humans anymore, would have colonized and turned it into a space station.

If we don't get to Vulcan by 26th century, it will become a free agent and fly off to who knows where. It might sign on as part-time moon somewhere else - maybe with Mars or Pluto.

Orbit of Vulcan 2002 VE68

The colours of this flag are red, blue, yellow, and white. There are three triangles of differing sizes. The smallest triangle is along the fly and has a six pointed star, representing the ancient wisdom texts of West Asia since before the reign of King Solomon.

The middle sized triangle with the four pointed 'cross star' represents the texts of wisdom that are synchronized to our modern calendar, plus or minus 333 years. Subsequently the name of each asteroid has been calibrated to this significant zero year. Current example being Vulcan, it was made aware to Earth in 2002 and Vulcan's first name was calibrated to this zero point of humanity. Also in this triangle we see the outline of V which stands for Venus and Vulcan.

The largest triangle along the fly makes the crescent moon appear small, but in fact it is the same size as the other symbols. This moon symbolizes 2002 VE68 Vuclan's ability to walk the line between moon and minor planet. The moon also represents all other wisdom texts that manifested after the dominant zero calibration point.

Idealized view of Vulcan passing by Venus

In the long stripe is a Vulcan hand gesture that means to 'live long and prosper.' Around the hand is a counter charge of colours relative to the stripe. This was done to honor the enchanted ideas of harmony, detachment, and duality from East Asia. And not to mention Star Trek.

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