Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Simpsons - The Bartmangled Banner

Bart Mooning the American Flag

The Simpsons 15th season's 21st episode is appropriately called the Bartmangled Banner. In it an odd series of events puts Bart in an unpatriotic pose in public at a school. This parody from one of America's most watched and longest running imaginary families, on the Fox Network, takes the issue of freedom of speech to new levels of comical absurdity.

This episode aired in 2004 a year after the invasion of Iraq and patriotic sentiments were running high in the country. Most nations of the world would have censored this episode, especially if it were at war. But Bart is the epitome brat of the American childhood.

Perhaps Bart was simply confused with the America's role in exploring the moon, and the astronauts planting the US Flag on the moon?

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