Saturday, July 30, 2011

Phobos Flag, the Larger Moon of Mars

Flag of Phobos

The flag of Phobos was first presented to the public and vexillologists at the 24th international Congress of Vexillology at the Washington Masonic Memorial in 2011.

The flag is composed four colours: black, blue, white and most appropriately red, in honor of the red planet.

This flag was intended to represent fear. It is composed of three main parts. Along the top is a blue stripe with the Western symbol for Mars. In the red portion is the number seven represented in Egyptian Numbers that represent the mythological seven fears of Phobos. In the black portion is a white skull with sharpened teeth like those of carnivore. The eyes of the are also glowing red. Upon the forehead of the skull is a hole with a crescent moon.

Image of Mars' Larger Moon

Currently Phobos is considered a moon by astronomers, but if it were in orbit around the sun is would be classified as an asteroid. Perhaps there needs to be a 'Dwarf Moon' designation to match up with 'Dwarf Planet' terms?

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