Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Australian Flag Proposal, 2011

A Proposed New Flag for Australia

There are hundreds of new Australian Flag proposals every year, well here is my 2 cents or rather 2 pence on the matter.

It tries to conserve some of the classical elements. The red cross of England, the star pattern of the official flag, and elements of the Scottish triangles from the Union Flag.

The English Red Cross is conserved because English is the dominant language of Australia. The Southern Cross constellation is a must, and will certainly be apart of whichever new flag Australians decide upon. The St. Patrick's Cross of Ireland is taken out for reasons of clutter, also most Irish People don't associate with this icon anyways. The colour black is added out of respect for the Aboriginals. The white stripe from the upper left to lower right, a downward-down under bend, represents the geographic reach from the capital cities of London and Canberra across the earth.

The Current Aussie Flag

It is a flag that takes traditional elements and harmonizes them with a modern blend. This flag was first presented to vexillologists around the world at the 24th International Congress of Vexillology that was held at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria Virginia.

For a fantastic list of proposed Australian Flags you can visit the AUS Flag Australian Flag Proposal Site Here

Australian Flag Symmetry Video set to Men at Work

May 21, 2012

The design is exactly as the 2011 proposal but black and blue are reversed. Thus the 2012 version conserves the Southern Cross on blue. The colouring patters of black blue is a counter charge boomerang design.

Modified Version - Black and Blue Reversed


  1. Best Flag I've seen. It really captures the traditional style with a new distinguishing style

  2. Sorry, but that's shocking. Any new flag should be designed by an Aussie. We really don't need to preserve St George's cross just because we speak English!