Wednesday, July 27, 2011

International Space Station Flags and its Official Insignia

International Space State Logo with Flags

So they built a city in the sky. It's a small city, without any permanent residents. There are 15 national flags represented on the flag logo. Starting from Japan and going clockwise: Russia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the USA, and finally Canada. There are five stars in the background that look like the constellation Cassiopeia.

It may seem like something out of science fiction movie, but here it is and its real. It's basically a big laboratory in orbit. This is one grand Enterprise that's already in the history books, and like it or not you are footing part of the bill.

It will return to earth in 2020. But my question is why don't they park it on the moon after it becomes a condemned building? I'm 100% positive future moon colonists wouldn't mind the spare parts and stuff.

If you know the answer why they can't just strap a rocket on it and send it to the moon, let me know! The spent billions to get it up there and they just gonna let it fall back to earth and pollute the atmosphere? Send it to the MOON!

Official Insignia of the ISS

No Flags are visible. Once again there are five stars depicted, two stars are outside the central space image with five points, and three are inside the space scene with four points. The outline of the space station is printed in white. The earth has a southern point of view as we can see most of Antarctica, some Australia, all New Zealand, and a bit of South America.

Link to NASA's ISS Website

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