Saturday, July 30, 2011

Indian Ocean Flag

Indian Ocean Flag

This flag represents the Indian Ocean. It is a vertical tri-bar made up of sky blue (indigo), and light brown (tan). In the central position is a darker blue five pointed blue star reflective of the elegant starfish. The central bar represents the continent of India. The two sky blue ends represent the east and west halves of the Indian Ocean.

The Indian Ocean is perh
aps a kin to being the Spirit Ocean of our world. The rain that washes from Mt. Everest, China, Arabia, Israel, Babylon, Persia, Africa, Islamabad, Siam, and Australia find their resting place in this Ocean. It is the Ocean of Dreams full of colour beyond the dry abundant business and rational side of Europe, North America, and Japan. It is the Ocean of Mystics and the nations along on its many shores were chosen to speak of life and destiny.

This flag was first presented to the public at the 24th International Congress of Vexillology at Alexandria, Virginia in 2011. It's simple design made it a favorite among vexillologists.

This flag is a symbol to persons born on the Indian Ocean. If a person was born, conceived, or in the womb then they have a proper right to fly this flag, especially if their mother swam in the ocean while pregnant. Also any nation that borders the Indian Ocean also has a right to fly this flag since their nation is tided to its tide waters and livelihood.

Personally, I hope to see, smell, and swim in this most magnificent and sacred of earthly oceans.


  1. I, Christopher Maddish, creator and designer of the "Indian Ocean Flag" release it to the public domain. May any person feel free to make profit or use this image at their personal discretion - to copy, alter, or whatever.