Saturday, July 30, 2011

Flag for People Born in the Sky - The Heaven or Sky Flag

Flag of Persons Born, Conceived
or in the womb in the sky

Since 1903 the population of 'Earthlings' born in the air has increased. Usually pregnant women shouldn't fly. But every so often a baby comes early and kazaam, we have a person who was literally born in heaven. Thus there is a need for a flag of people born in this peculiar and amazing way.

The flag is dedicated to all persons born or conceived in the air, and if your mother flew in the air while she was pregnant.

It is a divided banner with an upwards bend. The dividing line is an array of clouds. The upper-hoist half is sky blue in honor of the sky and golden sun, while the lower-fly half is black with a crescent moon. The three stars are reflective of the constellation Orion.

The divided sky also has a second level of meaning: the sun represents people birthed in the air, while the night sky and moon represent people conceived in the air, and the clouds represent people who were in the mother's womb while in the air. And yes based upon this formula, I am one of these exceptional air headed persons who can legally wave the flag of the our sky nation. And no.... I am not the last Air-bender, only the creator of the Air Nation Colours.

Video of Baby Born in Heaven
on Auringy Airlines that services the Channel Islands

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