Friday, July 22, 2011

Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Flags

Flags of Klingon, Federation, and Bajor

Star Trek's third television series is Deep Space Nine. The story line is about a lonely outpost that becomes the center of the known galaxy due to amazing circumstance and destiny. The common themes of this series are religion, terrorism, nation building, war and political factions contending for domination.

Although the show was made in the 1990s, the themes of this show are an amazing reflection of the current political crises of our world with religion, terrorism, and nation building.

Klingon Marriage Banner in Quarks
also featured in this episode

In this episode #521 You Are Cordially Invited, the Federation takes back Deep Space 9 with help from the Klingons.

Deep Space 9 is a space station next to the Bajorian home world. The Bajorians are the native people who have territorial rights to an enchanted piece of real estate, that is at the cross roads of galaxy.

Watch Deep Space Nine (DS9)Flags Here

Deep Space Nine deserves at least one movie. Just think of a quantum altered reality where all the characters come together for a battle royal? All they have to do is tell the story from a new quantum reality. You can even have all the characters come back to life. The fact that they reloaded the original series is a testament. DS9's topics of religion, war, and terrorism are more than appropriate, right now. Who would of imagined a Black Star Fleet Captain in 1966? It'd never happen is the nay sayer's mantra, well if you have not noticed impossible things happen all the time. People can relate to Quark, gambling, pleasure rooms, drinking, and gambling. Besides Cardassians are more human than weirdo Vulcans.

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