Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Care Bear & Hippie Bear Republics, styled after the California State Flag

Cheer Bear as the
California State Flag

Thirty years ago the fuzzy and cuddly Care Bears were unleashed upon America. The little fuzz puff bears have an amazing ability to send caring energy to kids and adults in need care from anyplace in the universe. No matter how bad it seems the population from Care-a-lot will send you love when you need it.

Before the Care Bears there were the Grateful Dead hippie bears. Although none of these clown like bears have names, they are coded icons associated with the band. The dancing bears apparently appear as fractal works of art into the musical void of creation...or something like that?

A Dead Head Bear on all fours
in tribute to the California State Flag

Coincidentally many of the members of the the Grateful Dead were native of the "California Republic."

An interesting difference between Care Bears and the Dancing Dead Head Bears are the shapes of their noses. Care Bear's have red noses like a heart, while Dead Head Dancing Bears have black noses like a spade. Both kinds of bears give off good vibes. The Care Bears do it openly and soberly, while the Dancing Dead Head Bears do it covertly and from altered states of consciousness.

The Yin and Yang of a Care Bear Nose vs. a Dancing Dead Head Bear Nose. Notice it's like the Suit of Hearts vs. the Suit of Spades

Care Bears Website
Grateful Dead Website

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