Saturday, July 30, 2011

Atlantic Ocean Flag

Atlantic Ocean Flag

This flag represents the Atlantic Ocean. It was show to Vexillologists across the world at the 24th International Congress of Vexillology in the first week of August of 2011, held at the Geroge Washington Masonic Memorial.

It is composed of four colours - white, indigo, navy blue, and blue. It has seven stripes in honor of the semi-legendary seven seas. There are six blue squares positioned at 45 degrees to look like square diamonds. They represent the six fundamental essences of the Atlantic: North America, South America, West Africa, Northern Europe, the Caribbean, and Mediterranean.

Map of the Atlantic Ocean

The upper white line represents the coastline of the Americas, while the lower line represents the western coastline of the old world. The different hues of blue also represent the varied colours of this oceans colours.

This flag is entitled to persons conceived or born on the Atlantic Ocean, and even if they were in the womb. Also nations that boarder any part of the Atlantic Ocean have a right to fly it as well.

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