Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baseball Team Symmetry - Indians & Braves, part 4

Major League Baseball has two teams named after the original inhabitants of North America - the Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians.

Coincidentally the oldest team, legally, in major league baseball uses the icons of the oldest and original inhabitants of America - Native Americans via the Atlanta Braves. They were originally called the Boston Red Stockings back 1876 but became the Braves in 1912. They were transferred to Milwaukee after the Korean War and finally settled in Atlanta in 1966.

The other team that maintains a Native American totem for baseball mojo is the Cleveland Indians.

The Indians and Braves have clashed in two 'World Redskin Series.' Most recently in 1995 the Braves defeated the Indians 4-2. But in a 'previous life' back in 1948 the Cleveland Indians toppled Braves of Boston 4-2.

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Link to official Cleveland Indians^
Link to official Atlanta Braves^

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