Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baseball Team Symmetry - Mariners & Pirates, part 5

From East to West one of America's favorite games is played. By amazing coincidence the mascots of professional baseball teams align in an amazing and serendipitous way.

The Seattle Mariners align with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Both of these totems are related to ocean. Pirates are mariners but not all mariners are pirates.

The baseball bat of the Pirates match to the baseball of Mariners. On the Pirates logo behind the pirate head are two crossed baseball bats, while the baseball of the Mariners logo has a baseball that is merged with a navigators compass.

Current Logo of the Pittsburgh Pirates

'Spiked Ball' of
Seattle Mariners

Maybe one day in the future these teams may meet up in a 'Sailor World Series.'

Link to Part 6 - Underwater World Baseball!?

Link to Seattle Mariners Official Site
Link to Pittsburgh Pirates Official Site

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