Monday, June 6, 2011

Baseball Team Symmetry - Rays & Marilins, part 6

Florida is the harbinger of each new baseball season with its association with spring training. Florida became the it spot for major league baseball in about 100 years ago in 1913. When the two foundational teams played there - the Cubs and Indians.

80 years afterwards of being a proverbial pro-baseball kindergarten Florida gave birth to the Marlins in 1993. Five years later a second Florida team was established with another fish as its totem - the Devil Ray.

The Manata Ray is still an
official 'secondary' symbol of the Rays

But names in baseball shift every so often and in 2007 the Devil Rays dropped the 'Devil' and retooled the core meaning of Ray as being a Ray of Light rather of than a Manta Ray. But the Manta Ray is still a 'secondary' mascot. Likewise next year the Florida Marlins will no longer tap the state name - it will go metropolitan-city local. They will be called the Miami Marlins next year in 2012. Maybe they will include hot pink their colors?

A yin and yang comparison between a Marlin and Manta Ray is that that both fish have deadly points - but at opposite ends. Marlins have the pointed snouts, while rays have pointed stingers on the tails.

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