Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ravens & Cardinals - Baltimore and Arizona, NFL part 4

Feather Flags
of the Ravens and Cardinals

Several teams use birds as their totem in the NFL. But two teams with birds of matching caliber are the Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals. The Raven is an enchanting, powerful, mysterious and dark while the Cardinal is bright, bold, confident, and heart warming.

A good dichotomy between these two birds are their songs which vary. The Cardinal Song is rather cheerful while the song of the Raven is intimidating and spooky.
The Cardinals are the proverbial day bird whose colours and passion reflects the accessible establishment. But the Raven is the proverbial night bird whose colours and passion reflect the hidden underworld and outcast groups of society.

Both birds have big following. The Cardinals are the state bird of several states - Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virgina and West Virgina. There are plenty of other birds out there but the 'passion' for the Cardinal runs deep in America. However no state uses the exceedingly intelligent and mysterious raven.

Their match up in a future Super Bowl would be bird battle of the day bird vs the night bird or rather the
Checker Bird Bowl.
someday in the future

Link to Baltimore Ravens
Link to Arizona Cardinals

Video of bird calls - Cardinals & Raven

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