Friday, January 28, 2011

Chiefs & Redskins - Kansas City and Washington DC, NFL part 5

Redskin Fan with Team Flag
although a Redskins fan, not necessarily an
advocate of Native American Issues

The fifth pair of NFL teams to align in a harmonious way are the Kansas City, Chiefs and Washington, Redskins. They have chosen Native Americans as their power emblem.

The Washington Redskins are in the middle of the original thirteen colonies while the Kansas City Chiefs are in the middle of the nation. It seems rather ironic that two teams with Native American Spirit totems represent the federal city and the national heartland.

Chief Fan with Team Flag

Both teams won Super Bowl Victories and made multiple Super Bowl Visits. Washington won in 1983, 1988, and 1992. The Chiefs only won once in 1970, but they were the runner up in the first Super Bowl in 1967.

Since they are in separate conferences - the AFC for Kansas City and NFC for Washington DC - this brings up the potential for a Super Indian Bowl sometime in the future.

someday a...

Link to Kansas City Chiefs
Link to Washington Redskins

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Using Native Americans has become something of a politically correct issue. It is understandable, imagine teams called the Saigon Whiteskins, Yamamoto Yellowskins, Columbus Confederates, Bismark Brown Shirts or the Toledo Taliban? Every group carries its own unique burden. Certainly Native American issues are unresolved with main stream America. Coincidentally a key founding member of the NFL was a Native American - Jim Thrope. Perhaps the NFL should listen to voice of her fans who are really 'Redskins?'

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