Sunday, January 30, 2011

Patriots & 49ers, New England and San Francisco, NLF part 7

Pat the Patriot of New England
ready to snowball unpatriotic Americans

The New England Patriots are partnered up with the San Francisco 49ers. We have two teams that created a Football Dynasty - one on the Atlantic the other on the Pacific.

Both the totems are drawn from history. The Patriots take their cue from the original tea party folk, who sought freedom from the crown and parliament. The New England Patriots are the proverbial 73ers, since the Boston Tea Party was held in 1773. The 13 Colonies declared their independence from the UK Crown & Parliament in 1776.

Sourdough Sam of San Francisco
always looking for the GOLD!

Coincidentally San Francisco was permanently settled in 1776, but under the Spanish Crown as Yerba Buena. Soon enough fate and war saw that San Francisco Bay was delivered to the United States. In 1849 gold was discovered in California and the name of a successful football franchise was crated - unbeknownst to those journalists of that era - the 49ers. Like the Patriots of 1770s, the Gold Rushers of 49' were destined to have their spirits enshrined in the NFL.

Fans holding a San Francisco Flag

These two historic 'American people totems' represent freedom via the patriot of 1773 and abundance via the miner of 1849. These are two key aspirations of the American Dream - liberty and wealth. These two ideals of the American Way go hand in hand. Likewise football is one of the many byproducts you get when you cross Freedom and Abundance. Coincidentally the flag of New Jersey echoes these two motifs. Since it has the Goddess of Liberty and Abundance upon it.

Cartoon Patriot with Flag

The New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers have never played each other in a Super Bowl. But some day these two All American teams may collide, and it will prove which American ideal is stronger - Freedom or Wealth?


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