Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jaguars & Panthers - Jacksonville and Carolina, NFL part 6

Carolina Panthers Emblem

Two expansion teams that coincidentally happen to be big cats, what are the chances?

Once again there is an alignment in the NFL - the Jaguars and Panthers. Both of these teams were established under Clinton in 1995.

Jacksonville Jaguars Emblem

The Jaguar is biggest and strongest cat in the Americas. The Jaguar takes the bronze out of all the big cats in the world. The Black Panther is a Leopard but with dark pigment... sometimes. Let me explain, Black Leopards from the Old World and Black Jaguars from the new world are both called Black Panthers. But they are two different species. To make things even more confusing there are supposed Black Cougars, which basically is a Black Mountain Lion or Black Puma...but none have ever been found. All in all, most of the Black Panthers you see in photos and zoos are Black Leopards either from Asia or Africa.

Waving the Flag to Rally Support

Long story short, when the Jacksonville Jags play the Carolina Panthers from a certain point of view it is the Light Jag vs the Dark Jag. Since they are in different conferences there is the potential for a Super Panther Bowl.


Dark Jaguar or Black Panther

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