Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Broncos & Colts - Denver and Indianapolis, NFL part 3

Colts Car Flag

Once again two football teams in the NFL have chosen similar emblems - the horse. In Denver Colorado we have the Bronco a 'wild' horse that gets rather disgruntled when people saddle on top. In Indianapolis we have the Colt which is a young male horse.

The totem of the Colts is the universal symbol of luck - a horseshoe - facing towards the lucky smiley side. The totem of the Broncos is a horse head apparently running forward.

Bronco Banner

Since both equestrian spirited teams are in the same conference, the Super Horse Bowl would be for the championship of the American Football Conference - AFC.

As of 2011 there has never been a Super Horse Bowl. However both the Colts and Broncos have had multiple wins in the official Super Bowl under the leadership of Elway and Manning.


Link to Broncos Official Website
Link to Colts Official Website

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