Friday, December 17, 2010

Russian Fraternal Twin Flags: pt 16

Tyva & Chukotka

Flag of Chukotka

The Autonomous Chukota District and Republic of Tyva are in the Far East. Their flags are united by blue, white, yellow, and triangles. Chukotka has a solid dark blue field with a V-hoist canton with its zenith in the center. Tyva also has yellow V-hoist canton with its zenith off center towards the left.

Chukotka's white triangle is decorated with a yellow ring. Within the ring are the national colours of Russia. However Tuva's triangle is a solid yellow, instead her field is decorated with a Y-hoist division. The Y-hoist division is light blue with full white fimbriation.

You can see the United States of America from Chukotka District. Likewise you can also look into the 'Past,' since the imaginary international dateline exists here. But if you are standing in Alaska you would be looking into the 'Future.'

Flag of the Tyva Republic

The Tyva Republic is named after a Turkish ethnic minority - the Tyvans. However unlike most Turks, Tyvans are not Islamic. Most are Buddhist, Christian, or Native-Shaman. The Chukchi District is named after another native group. They are the proverbial Russian Eskimo-Inuit. Although the Chukchi are officially a part of Asia - tectonically speaking they are a part a North America just like their eastern cousins in Canada and Alaska. Although in different time zones and different nations, the Chukchi people and Inuit of North America share a similar heaven, earth, and biorhythm.

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You can see "Chukotka/Russia" from Alaska

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