Sunday, December 19, 2010

Russian Fraternal Twin Flags: pt 18

St. Petersburg & Tula

Flag of St. Petersburg

The flags of St. Petersburg and Tula harmonize intensely. On a backdrop of passionate red are metal tools and implements. St. Petersburg has two silver-white anchors. The anchors have their handles on the bottom with their hooks towards the top. The two pronged anchor has its bottom towards the upper left, while the four pronged anchor is placed in the upper right.
Flag of Tula

Tula Province has three three silver-white swords. Their handles are incomplete. In contrast to the anchors of St. Petersburg two of the unfinished swords point downwards with their unfinished handles pointing towards the upper left and upper right. There is also a third unfinished sword lying horizontally with the blade pointed towards the hoist.

In total there are six silver-white points on the flag of Tula likewise in a different manner there are six anchor points on the flag of St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg has the golden imperial staff in honor of Russian Royalty, in contrast Tula has two yellow hammers reflective of the common worker. The hammer and imperial regalia are symbols that reflect the dynamic, poetic, and wonder-lust of Russian History from the romantic era of the Czar to the cosmic and forlorn tragedy of the Soviet Union.

With these two flags the labors of the peasants and those born with divine destiny are combined and presented to us in Yin and Yang like fashion.

St. Petersburg is not a province but a city with special status as a Russian Federal Subject. After Russia was 'born again' as a free nation in 1991 she originally had 89 Federal Subjects. As of 2010 there are only 83, due to mergers.

Finally St. Petersburg was named and founded by Czar Peter the Great after his namesake - St. Peter. Also Tula is famous for manufacturing weapons and craft making, thus the swords and hammers. Coincidentally Peter the Great promoted Tula a center for making weapons.

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