Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flag for persons mixed Jewish and Buddhist Faiths

The Jewish-Buddhist mixed heritage flag is based upon a combination of modern flags for both cultures.  Although this may seem like a new idea, mixed Buddhist-Jewish marriages have taken place before the Rise of the Roman Empire. Since Buddhism arose before the birth of Christ, and rose to prominence during the Jewish Exile in Babylon.

Additionally in the afterglow of Alexander the Great's union of East to West, India entered a Buddhist version of Camelot or rather "Buddha-lot" phase when Emperor Ashoka embraced Buddhism in an empire that included parts that are now Iran, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Myanmar.

Yet today, there is a growing population of persons who have one parent born of the Jewish faith and one of the Buddhist path.  Countries like Russia, Canada, and the United States are currently the leaders of persons born with spiritual connections to Abraham and Buddha. 

This banner is a birthright flag for persons who happen to have a spiritual heritage to both wisdom traditions.  Additionally it is for persons who identify as both Buddhist and Jewish.  Sometimes people refer to these individuals as Jewboo, Jubu, Buju, or Jewbu.

List of Famous Persons of mixed Jewish and Buddhist Faiths

The spirit of Iron Man is potentially mixed Jewish and Buddhist since the character came out the imagination of Stan Lee during the Vietnam Crisis, when the cultures of American Judaism and Vietnamese Buddhism mixed to a certain extent. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Holiday Card of 2008

Back in 2008 I made another Christmas Holiday Card. It featured the soul mate states of Rhode Island and Indiana. Although they are different colours they have several overlapping harmonies.

They complement each other very well. Rhode Island and Indiana are the only US State flags to have a complete 'Betsy Ross Circle' of 13 stars. Although Indiana has six more on the inside since she was the 19th state, but both of their stars are coloured gold. In harmonious balance, Indiana has a torch while Rhode Island has an anchor. These are man made devices that work with opposite elements of fire and water.

Coincidentally when you combine the ancient alchemical symbols for fire (a triangle pointed up) and water (a triangle pointed down) - you get the star of David. Likewise if you combine the anchor and torch on these two flags it sort of looks like a Catholic Cross.

These cards have been decorated with two ancient scripts - Hebrew and Aramaic. Likewise Rhode Island is the older state and was home to the first US Synagogue. On the other hand Indiana is a younger state and home to one of the most famous US Catholic Cathedrals at Notre Dame. Likewise Christianity is younger than Judaism and it's good bet that Jesus was familiar with Aramaic.

Link to Holiday Card 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jericho on CBS

This is the Jericho Flag from the television show Jericho. The series had a two year run on CBS from 2006 until 2008. A key marketing element used a new American Flag design.

is a post-apocalyptic action-drama that took place in Kansas.

Although the series was canceled in the first year, a dedicated fan base was able to resurrect the show for a second season. Jericho has found new life in comic books. There are even dreams of a Jericho movie in the works some day.

Jericho transferred to comic
book from TV land, although
there is little comedy in this comic

This Jericho flag has 13 stripes in a vertical pattern with twenty one stars in an octagonal position.

Another TV show that jumped into the comic book universe was Quantum Leap. Comic books provide an excellent respite for shows that cultivated a strong fan base.

Maybe Northern Exposure, X-files, the Greatest American Hero, and other shows with cult fans could find new life in the comic books?

Hey TV executives!!! It's cheap, fun, and profitable!

Imagine ABC TV Comics Issue #1 that plays out beloved and canceled shows? Love Boat, Fall Guy, MASH, etc?

Link to one Jericho Fan site of many

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Swedish Thanksgiving 2010

Flag of Sweden at a
Car Dealer ship in the USA

Swedish-American history is often overlooked. The Swedish were the first Old World people to take up permanent residence in the Delaware Bay in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Western New Jersey. This chapter of Nordic-American history ran from 1638 until 1655. The first run of Nordic American history took place at the turn of the first millennium with Leif Ericson around 1001 AD.

American history books gush over Spanish, English, French, and Dutch settlement in the New World. Why don't the Swedes get some kind of Colonial American Glory? Why isn't there some romantic Swede-Native American story that is told over and over, like the Mayflower or Pocohantas? Can you think of any honored Swedish Colonials? If the Swedes didn't come to America, we probably wouldn't have Lincoln Logs or Log Cabin Republicans.

Perhaps Peanuts could do a Holiday Special commemorating the Swedish landing at the Delaware Bay. It was in the wake of Sweden that America's first colonial capitol came to be - Philadelphia.

Worried about what to bring to the next Thanksgiving? How about Swedish Meatballs?

The Colours of Sweden at an
American IKEA in Pennsylvania

In honor of things Swedish we can appreciate the two Flagship Companies of Sweden: IKEA & VOLVO. If you ever visit these places you may find a Swedish Flag flying over head. Swedish flags do not create any issues but imagine if Honda or KIA dealers were to fly the flag of Japan and Korea at their dealerships?

However the lovable and mostly neutral Swedes can get away with displaying their nations colours.

Thanks to Swedes/Finns and Frank Loyd Wright's Son we have Lincoln Logs
the Finns were still united with Sweden when they colonized the Delaware Bay & they brought over "Log Cabin" technology that Brits were ignorant about
Here the Colours of Sweden are honored in the flag of Philadelphia, which is the oldest official City Flag in the Entire USA
Outside Links

Interested in driving a VOLVO? Click Here

Shop for chic and cool furniture here at IKEA

Forget video games and noisy electronic toys!!!!!!
Get this kids Lincoln Logs at this place

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Joint GWAV & CBFA Meeting 2010, Part V

John Purcell holding up an odd misprint
of the Ohio State flag that
requires some assembly with scissors

The final presentation was given by John Purcell, a former NAVA president and primary author of American City Flags - 150 Flags from Akron to Yonkers. Purcell's presentation was entitled Colors and Controversy: The Flags of Our 50 States - How Our States Got Flags and Why It Took So Long.

Purcell gave us an overview of the how the fifty states got their flags. For a good majority it was mostly due to need. At functions where state representatives met, in all sorts of events from athletic, social and political - the various delegations often needed a state flag to represent their group.

However each state flag has its own particular story. Some flags were not created for a caucus need, but rather for state pride and or historical reason.

I asked Purcell which state flag reflects the design of the US State flag the best? Before Purcell could respond several people volunteered an answer - 'Ohio, Texas, and Georgia.' But Purcell's choice of which state flag looks most like the federal flag was, "Hawaii."

An open question? - Which US State flag looks most like the US national flag? Ohio, Texas, Georgia, or Hawaii? Post your answers here!


Two big red and white stripes, Texas trumps the flag of North Carolina since NC has dates and letters on it.


Hawaii's basic design is like the US flag with a canton and stripes. But no stars and blue stripes? And a British Flag!


13 Stars like the Betsy Ross design, and three big stripes. However its the design of the first Confederate Flag.


Stars and stripes! but the shape is wrong and there is a red dot with a white circle around it?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Joint GWAV & CBFA Meeting 2010, Part IV

The flag of Cedar Springs caught every ones attention
since it had a pair of red long johns

The fifth presentation was given by David Breitenbach and it was entitled Michigan City Flags. Breitenbach showed us a diverse array of city flags found all around the great state of Michigan.

The city flags of Michigan followed the typical design of a city seal on plain background.

A vexillological masterpiece of chaos in order
I like it!

Fogetta'bout dat fancy dancy computah' power point skadiddle
Breitenbach treated us the historic classic slide projector

Link to past CBFA GWAV Meeting in 2008

Monday, November 22, 2010

Joint GWAV & CBFA Meeting 2010, Part III

The second day of the joint GWAV & CBFA meeting took place at the historic West Virginia McLure Hotel in downtown Wheeling. The McLure Hotel opened for business on the 100 years after the birth of Betsy Ross in 1852. This hotel has bunked presidents, civil war generals, and many a famous West Virginian.

During the Civil War William Rosecrans drafted it for his HQ. Joseph McCarthy gave his infamous, 'list of Communist sympathizers' speech at this location. Previous guests include Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, and Marilin Monroe.

South Pacific Nation with British Union Flags
Australia - Fiji - New Zealand - Tuvalu

The first presentation of Sunday, November 14, 2010 was entitled The New Zealand Flag Controversy. It was given by William Belanich, Jr. An interesting flag that Belanich showed us was the proposed design that includes NZ that mirrors the current design.

Belanich spoke about the Aaron Nicholson Flag -
my favorite - that was designed in 2000 and recently had
a Native Kiwi cloud design added on the bottom in 2009

Belanich gave us an over view of the efforts to change the New Zealand flag. There are four nations in the South Pacific that still retain the British Union Flag in their national flag - Australia, Fiji, Tuvalu, and New Zealand. Which one will permanently abandon the British Flag? Tuvalu briefly broke the British South Pacific Flag cadence in the 1990s but later reverted to the UK sky blue design. Perhaps New Zealand and Australia would do the same?

I suppose if Scotland ever gets the gumption to separate from the United Kingdom, then that could solidify the South Pacific UK flags or push them to change their flag?

For one year, 1996-1997 Tuvalu
abandoned the British Flag but later
regretted the
decision and returned
to the sky blue flag

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Joint GWAV & CBFA Meeting 2010, Part II

The second speaker at the joint meeting between the Greater Waters Association of Vexillology and the Chesapeake Bay Flag Association was Dale Grimes, Jr. The title of his presentation was World War II Navy Flags Made on Mare Island.

Mare Island was the US Navy's first Pacific Naval Base. It is about 25 miles north of San Francisco. It functioned from 1854 until 1996. It's first Naval Commander was from Tennessee - David Farragut who became famous at the battle of Mobil Bay in 1861 with the quote, "Dam the torpedoes, full speed ahead."

Dale Grimes talking about his
historic and important Naval Flag Collection

However Mr. Grimes' presentation focused upon his vast collection of US Navy Flags of WWII. We were shown a delightful collection of banners and ensigns that 'saw' action in WWII.

Link to Dales Grimes Flags

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Joint GWAV & CBFA Meeting 2010, Part I

A joint meeting between two vexillological groups took place at Wheeling, West Virginia on the weekend of November 13, 2010. It was held between the Great Waters Association of Vexillology and the Chesapeake Bay Flag Association. The first day of the meeting took place at the historic West Virginia Independence Hall.

Nearly 150 years earlier a pro-Union Virginian congress met at this location, in spring of 1861. An important delegate of the 'Anti-Confederate Virginia Congress' was a cousin of Stonewall Jackson - John Jay Jackson.

1936 National Geographic Issue
Photo of an Authentic Son's of Liberty Flag?

The first speaker was Peter Ansoff. The title of his presentation was No Primary Reference: The Flag of the Sons of Liberty. In 1936 National Geographic published a photo of a supposed authentic Son's of Liberty Flag from the Revolutionary Era. However the sewing method and condition of the flag was inconsistent with flags made in the 1760s.

Mr. Ansoff also discussed the selection process for the NAVA 44 meeting flag.

Part of an Authentic Announcement
for Son's of Liberty Meeting from 1760s

You can learn more about the Sons of Liberty
On Wikipedia Here

See Mr. Ansoff on Youtube

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Featured City Flag Roswell, New Mexico

The Flag of Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell may be famous for UFO and little green men, but this city in the desert has one of the most striking city flags one could come across.

It recycles the state flag's Zia Pueblo design. This flag looks more like fine modern art than a patriotic display of community pride.

If you find yourself voluntarily in Roswell, New Mexico be sure to snap some photos of this post-zen art flag.

The city seal is also artfully designed. Local city flags and seals have a higher chance of mutating. I hope the good people of Roswell, New Mexico keep things steady.

One can't help think that the rays of light shooting out of the Zia Sun Cross are extra terrestrial waves of energy beaming up some lonely hikers or special education teachers?

Friday, November 12, 2010

West Virginia 2010

The following video is about the presentation I gave at the joint meeting between the CBFA & GWAV that meet at Wheeling West Virginia, 2010. CBFA stands for Chesapeake Bay Flag Association and the GWAV stands for Greater Waters Association of Vexillology.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yin & Yang of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - Veteran's Day 2010


Almost all the flags for Joint Chiefs of Staff show a Yin-Yangic phenotype.

To the right is the seal of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In the center is the American shied without stars. There are four swords - two pointing upwards and two crossed at 45 degrees. In a circle surrounding swords are a bunched olive leaves.

These flags can be paired via my 'flag symmetry' concept.

Chief of Staff of the US Army Flag
Sergeant Major of the Army Flag

This is a union of the highest ranking officer of the Army with the top ranked NCO of the Army. The Army's Sergeant Major is one of two enlisted soldiers allowed to carry a colour - a flag.

The Chief of Naval Operations Flag
Commandant of the Coast Guard Flag

This is union of the highest ranking US Naval Officer with the highest ranking Coast Guard Officer.

The Chief of Staff Flag of the USAF
Flag of the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman

Oddly the top officer in US Air Force is partnered with the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Joint Chief of Staff. The shades of blue are slightly different. The Senior Enlisted Advisor is supposed to the highest ranking NCO within all military branches. The Senior Enlisted Advisor can be either a Marine, Sailor, Airman, or Coast Guardsman. The Senior Enlisted Advisor is the only other enlisted soldier allowed to carry a flag besides the Army's Sergent Major.

The Flag for the Chairman of the JCS
Vice Chairman's Flag of the JCS

The Chairman & Vice Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff pair up. But only the flag of the Chairman exhibits a Yin-Yangic pattern.

If you are interested in joining the US Military or
Coast Guard check out these websites


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Greatest American Hero Flags

On March 18, 1981 a new Super Hero was born. In the aftermath of the American cultural revolution of the 60s and funk of the 70s - came the Greatest American Hero. This television show aired until the day after Ground Hog Day in 1983.

The basic jist was an unassuming well meaning special education teacher was drafted by 'higher powers' to show the world how great America could be. His name was Ralph and he reluctantly took on the role. His missteps and bumbling into the role of superhero was comical and at the same time inspirational. The team up of crusaders were a yin-yang odd couple - one guy looked like a 'swim with wales and save the earth' type while the other guy was a meat eating, gun toting, patriot.

In the first episode several flags were shown. The first scene starts with a dune buggy chase. An FBI agent is being pursued by a group of heavily armed shaved heads guys and gals. The flag on their buggies is a pennant.

The colours are black, white, and silver. Harmoniously the letters G & A are artistically combined with a sword. What does the G & A stand for? We don't know. It oddly aligns with Greatest American, minus the hero.

In the first episode two other flags shown are the US Federal Flag and the Flag of California at Whitney High, which is rumored to named after the highest peak in California, Mt. Whitney.

Flag of the misguided militant
Christians and the FBI agent who
gives Ralph the suit from another world

Long story short, Ralph is chosen to wear the outfit of the 'Greatest American Hero.' The colours of his outfit are red, white, and black. On his chest is the insignia which looks like the Chinese Character for 'middle.'
Apparently the symbol was inspired by the handle portion of a pair of scissors.

Others flags shown in the pilot episode are the US flag, and California State Flag.

Close up of California Cult Flag

Video Montage & Credits of the Greatest American Hero

Links to Greatest American Hero Fan Sites!

Star Wars & Greatest American Hero Fan?
Did you know Ralph was almost Luke Skywalker?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

shuttle 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

November is Scorpio Month

Fierce animals are a common theme on flags. Birds of prey, lions, snakes, dragons, bears, bees, tigers, but what about scorpions? Is there something oddly frightening about the scorpion that no nation would put this creature on their flag. The US NAVY uses a flag with a snake! Perhaps it's the formidable and alien exoskeleton. But since November is the month of Scorpio here are two military patches that feature scorpions!

On the right is the patch of the USS SCORPION SS-278. She served in WWII in the Pacific Ocean. She took down a few Japanese ships but was herself lost in the Yellow Sea, probably by a mine. The entire crew was lost.

Official Patch of the submarine

Non-Military Commercial

On the left is a non military patch made in honor of former Soviet Sub that has become a museum in Southern California! Odd but true, a Cold War era sub built in 1971 to intimidate and the US has become a tourist attraction at Long Beach, California.

During the Cold War another USS SCORPION was commissioned as SS-589 but was lost at sea in an accident near the Azores in 1968.

The Patch has a submarine, 50s style nuclear atom, an ancient catapult and the astrological constellation of Scorpio.

1968 was tragic year, one month after Martin Luther King was assassinated the tragic loss the entire 99 man crew of the USS SCORPION SS-589 took place on May 22, 1968.

You can learn more about the USS Scorpions
and other US Subs lost at Sea Here

You can visit the Soviet Sub in Long Beach, California
Click here for more info