Thursday, October 14, 2010

South Park's Anti-New Jersey Flag

Stan's Dad waving the Anti-New Jersey Flag.

Of the many many flags created in 2010, this one was born out of the minds of two immensely popular artists: Matt Stone of Texas and Trey Parker of Colorado. On Comedy Central, South Park has become a mainstay of pop culture uniting Generations X + Y + I = 13 year hit run.

You can think of this show of being a modern day version of the classic Punch & Judy show. Way before animation, TV, and the Internet, puppet glove shows were considered adult entertainment. Back then, old Punch and Judy animators would lampoon famous people and joke about the politics of the day. Essential characters were the Devil and the whore 'Punch Polly' (Cartman's Mom). But by about 1881, Punch & Judy shows were kid oriented and lost a lot of the rough and tumble raunchiness.

Young Stags & Does from NJ

Randy Marsh's waving of the flag mocks Jersey Shore reality shown on MTV. On a background of white is written in all capital letters, "NEW JERSEY." On top on the NEW is scribbled with red ink, "NO." Stan's father is not necessarily saying "NO" to New Jersey but is against the Marky Mark party culture inspired and documented by MTV's, "Jersey Shore."

Jersey Shore on MTV

Jersey Shore
is noted for it's Jersey style Italian-American culture. New Jersey has a large percentage of Italian Heritage significantly above the national average.

Ridiculously in the following episode of South Park the people of Colorado form an alliance with Al Queda to stop the 'Jersey Threat,' with rather harsh humour.

Here Stan's Dad has a map showing Swank NJ Beach culture spreading across America

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The Original Stripes Booth of Punch & Judy Shows

South Park's Anti-New Jersey Flag


  1. The made-up map of New Jersey included Caribbean islands, including Cuba. Yet, it never crosses the Canada-United States border... Why was the producer so promising on the made-up map of New Jersey not extending beyond the current northern border? NEWsflash JERSEY!

  2. 'NO JERSEY'? It should had been 'NO MEXICO' and extend all through New Mexico and Mexico. Or as a response to "Don't f*** with Texas", it could had been NO TEXAS. Also NO WASHINGTON. No matter if no letters are to be crossed out. Just like when it comes to graffiti. Or for VA, put NOVA. FL, FLU. NY, PUNY. OR, WORM. OH, OH NO! ME, METH. MI, MIFF. KY, ICKY. AL, ALE. IL, ILL. NV, ENVY. CO, COCK. NE, NONE. MN, DAMN. IN, WINE. GA, GAY. DE, DEAD. ND, END. LA, LARD. AR, FART. SC, SCUM. MA, MAD. CA, SCAM. AZ, LAZY. Or my favorite: MO or MOFO or HOMO.