Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ferengi Star Trek Symmetry

Rom the Younger Brother

In Star Trek: Deep Space 9 the Ferengi Race took on a major role. These species are supposed to have a keen sense for the love money. This love of abundance and prosperity runs through their persona and even their religion. Basically a Ferengi business dealer would make a 1980 Wall Street Junk Bonds Broker seem communistic. Their love of money and profit by human standards is on the verge of criminal, yet for Ferengi anything that generates profit is good for the one and spirit of the cosmos.

Coincidentally the actors who played Ferengi on Deep Space 9 Rom and Quark are cosmically aligned by my flag symmetry idea as state partners. The Ferengi Rom and Qark are brothers, but in real life they come from sibling states according to my flag symmetry idea.
Quark the Older Brother

Rom played by Max Grodenchik is from New York, while Quark played by Armin Shimerman is from New Jersey. In fantasy land they are brothers but in real life they are from sister states.

Only New Jersey and New York are states with heraldic women supporters on both sides. And the 'sibling rivalry' between NY and NJ is similar to the imaginary sibling rivalry between Rom and Quark.

Max "Rom" is from New York

Here Max Grodenchik has signed my NY-NJ card. He thought my flag symmetry idea was, "Neat and Interesting." I have not yet met Quark the 'older' brother.

Armin "Quark" is from New Jersey

On the Flag of New Jersey is the Goddess of Abundance, Ceres. It's quite a poetic fit as Quark was the key point man for Ferengi people since they are dedicated to abundance & prosperity.

The unsigned other side
waiting to be
signed by Armin "Quark" from New Jersey

Here are the Goddesses of the NJ State Flag.

The New Jersey Motto is similar to Ferengi Principals "Liberty & Prosperity."

It is a total dedication of freedom for profit, sort of like an extreme cut throat laissez-faire trickle down economic policy, no exchanges and no returns, a deal is a deal.

Link to my Original Post comparison between NJ & NY

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