Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pineapple Welcome Flag

Who lives at the bottom of the sea in a proverbial welcome mat for all to see?

Sponge Bob Square Pants!!!!!

Bob is an enchanting animated yellow coral sponge known by Gen-X, Gen-Y, and Gen-I. Nationally and internationally children and young adults are familiar with arguably Nicktoon's biggest superstar "Sponge Bob Square Pants."

He is a total square, like a nerd, whose innocent fun loving attitude is perpetually that of an elementary school kid, but the show is also spiced with adult oriented themes. Certainly, children who grew up on the show will be able to enjoy this cartoon on a different level in adulthood.

The interesting vexillological-flag coincidence is that the "PINEAPPLE FLAG" reflects Mr. Pants, Bob Square's attitude.... "WELCOME." If you didn't know, places that fly the pineapple flag are basically saying come on in! We want you to visit!

Everyone is Welcome at Bob's!

When a business flies the flag, it's sending out a signal that all are welcome to visit here, argh matie! And if your business happens to sell crab cakes - "Crabby Patties" - be sure to fly this flag!

Bobby's house is for everyone to enjoy, and it's made out of the universal symbol for welcome....a pineapple!

Below is an edited version of this Nicktoon. This intro is cute and clever. It basically invites all kids (and adults) to watch and enjoy. It doesn't matter your ethnic, religion, or language....Mr. Square-Pants will welcome you all!

A video combining Sponge Bob theme with the Pineapple Flag

You can visit Sponge Bob's Website Here at Nickelodeon

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Yin & Yang of Pepsi & Coke

Coke is the Bigger Established
US Cola Company, it looks
kinda' like Japan's Flag?

Yin and Yang may be a foreign concept for American people over the age of 50, perhaps the best way older Americans can relate this contradictory concept of balance, harmony, tension, and rivalry is to think of the Korean War. If you ever study the Korean War, it is dynamically like Yin-Yang energy flow.

The circular icon on the Korean Flag is essentially the Yin-Yang symbol, minus the contradictory dots. This symbol originally came from China. It is the icon for the philosophy-religion of Taoism.

The Yin-Yang symbol. A Korean War Veteran told me his troop called it the 'meatball' and the US Gov didn't bother to explain what it meant or what it was other than that it was the South Korean Flag.

Simply put the Yin-Yang symbol is a reflection of the inherent dichotomy to any idea, choice, or stance one must take, " To do or not to do." Do you buy Coke or Pepsi? Sure there are other choices out there, but restaurants who want to get 'corporate game' must choose a side 'Do we serve Coke or Pepsi?' Otherwise you'll just stay in the minor leagues with RC Cola and Shasta.

In 1992 Crystal Pepsi
tripped people out, did you save your
Crystal Pepsi Bottles?

Back in the 80s and 90s the logo of Pepsi looked a lot like the flag of South Korea. Pepsi's icon caused media stir in South Korea and was subsequently changed. Coincidentally the colours of Coke mirror the flag of Japan.

Korea and Japan are natural rivals just as much as Coke and Pepsi are rivals. Do you want to drive a Hyundai or Honda? If your are a minor league baseball player and want to play baseball in Asia you can choose to play in the pro-Korean or pro-Japanese league. Are you a recent college grad and want to expereince East Asia by teaching English in relatively safe, modern, well paying, non-communist, non Muslim nation? You must choose Japan or Korea.

In 1985 Coke switched the flavors
with New Coke, it made most Coke Drinkers mad,
but in the end it caused mad profits as via risky marketing tool

If you are having trouble wrapping your head around the Yin-Yang symbol just think of the natural and spontaneous rivalry and dynamic between Coke and Pepsi.

Both Coke and Pepsi are in the same market, as they are consumed in a similar fashion. Coke and Pepsi compete at fast food joints, movie theaters, and sports events (at home or at the stadium). People who drink cola can be choosy to non-choosy. I call the extreme Coke or Pepsi consumers Cokanistas and Contra-Pepsinistas. Basically these people will flip out and refuse to drink the opposing cola if it served at a party or restaurant. On the other end there are non-aligned cola drinkers who really can't tell the difference or just don't care and drink whatever. Most people don't care but because of cola-extremists, restaurants must always confirm if Coke or Pepsi is okay when you ask for cola. I ask for the 'house-cola' or sometimes say, I'll have the 'Cokerpepsi.'

Personally I like them both. However my taste buds prefer Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke, but I wouldn't throw a hissy fit if a restaurant serves Diet Coke, I'd just drink it with a smile like Bill Cosby.

Pepsi is the relatively newer upstart
US Cola Company that provides 'choice'
Pepsi Changed Logo in 2008
because it looked to much like Korean Flag Symbol

Classic Commercials featuring 80s Super Stars Bill Cosby and Van Halen stomping for New Coke and Crystal Pepsi.

In the Cosmic Contest for Cola Consumers the corporate universe is dominated by two factions: Coke and Pepsi.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

EPYX Summer Games Flag

In 1984 the Summer Games computer game was released by EPYX. The games are based on the Olympics. There is a novel opening ceremony, and for its time it really was 'one giant leap forward for gamer kind.'

This EPYX's Summer Games came out at about the same time the arcade game Track and Field came out.

The first thing must do in this game is to pick a nation to play as. Since it was made in 1984, the Soviet Union was included. As you select a nation by clicking the flag, you get to hear a shortened jingle of the national anthem.

The interesting vexillological note is that EPYX added their own national flag, with a national anthem.

Flag of the 'EPYX' nation
The Original 1984 Gamer Flag

Enlarged here is the flag of the EPYX nation. It is has a black background. In the center is the outline of a man in white who looks like the famous thinker, but has his left hand on an 80s style joystick. There are two horizontal parallel yellow lines that run behind the man just below the mid section of the flag. Near the bottom is thicker violet line that is unbroken.

You can listen to the EPYX Anthem here!

For more info on this game you can visit Matt Chat on Youtube

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cable TV Univesities


Recently two virtual self made universities have recently come online due to Cable Television.

From Comedy Central, Steven Colbert University was created. It's motto is the letter "U." The central logo looks like the Ten Commandments and it has a light bulb above it, in reference to Thomas Edison or perhaps a good idea. There are two branches below the 10 commandments. In between the branches are two words that I can't completely make out. Perhaps it says, 'Campus Codei.'

On the other hand from Fox News Cable Network, Glenn Bleck has declared the existence of Beck University. His university logo has a shield with a book written with what looks like, "Tryannis Obsequium Seditio Deo." Read across it can be translated as "Tyranny Obeyed, God Subverted." But read page by page it can be translated as, "Tyranny Subverted, God Obeyed." There is a bust of George Washington facing 'Sinister,' which is considered the wrong way and a American Buffalo facing 'Dexter' which is the 'right' way. At the bottom is a feather pen. The black and turquoise shield is surrounded by 10 golden bunches of leaves.

Colbert University was founded on a Comedy Cable Network, a comical network with a hidden serious tone, while Beck University is founded on a Cable News Network, which has a serious tone with a hidden level of comedy.


Will these universities play each other in the TV-League? There is already a Tool Academy on VH1. Tool Academy is were manner misfits are taught proper manners.

Tool Academy Flag

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bucks County Flag

Bucks County is one of the three original counties created in the initial charter to William Penn. Originally it was called Buckinghamshire County, but it was shortened to Bucks.

The most dominant colour is navy blue, which serves as a background. In the center is a yellow disc with the County Seal upon it. There are five apparent circles that can be counted. Starting from the outer ring: the first largest is the yellow, next is a rope ring, followed by thing green ring with writing on it, finally the inner ring is another rope ring that balances with the larger rope ring.

In the middle of the rings apparent is the county seal. The County Seal consists of a white shield divided by central horizontal evenly placed black stripe. Upon the black stripe are three white discs. On the crest of the shield is a tree, perhaps an oak. Vines are on the left and right sides of the shield.

Finally on the green ring it is written,

The flag is simple and follows the traditional order of sub-sub federal flags that that are low key and humble in design. For it's purpose and station it is an excellent and appropriate design.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wide Load Flag

Wide Load Flags in Motion...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Open Flag

The American West was Officially Open with the
entry of Missouri in 1821

There are many kinds of 'OPEN' flags, but perhaps the most popular design is red, white, and blue design. In flag snob-speak it is a horizontal tri-bar: chief gules, base azure, and the center bar is argent with the English word open written in the central bar in sable in capital Roman Letters.

The neat coincidence is that its design is similar to the State Flag of Missouri. Since Missouri was the gateway state that 'OPENED' the West. Why? You might ask? Missouri was the first state completely west of the Mississippi. In wake of all other subsequent "full bodied" western states the gateway arch was constructed.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Butler Elementary Bucks County PA

In the free local Bucks County Paper The Advance of Bucks County, PA August 19, 2010 issue. The principal from Butler Elementary School climbed Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, and brought the flag of the school he taught at to the summit.

I suppose a high school teacher in Central Bucks School District must then climb Mt. McKinley-Denali to top that! He or she would either pose with the school flag of CB North, CB South, CB East or maybe Archbishop Wood?

But if you are a middle school teacher in Central Bucks School District, then should should climb Mt. Whitney in California, it's the tallest peak in United 48.

Butler Elementary is in Chalfont, PA 18914.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Balance and Harmony Symbol in America

What do these two images have in common?

The Yin and Yang Symbol. In the COEXIST logo it is the letter "S." The 80s Nintendo Game form Hawaii's Famous T&C Surf Designs Wood & Water Rage the Yin & Yang Symbol can be found on the surf board.

The Yin & Yang Symbol is quite old, older than America and perhaps older than some Biblical Figures. In the United States it is dominantly a counter culture symbol, symbol of the groovy, common in martial arts, and modestly represents Chinese American culture.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ocean City, New Jersey

This article is about the City Seal for Ocean City, NJ. It has an eight spoke ship wheel. Written on the Navigator's wheel are the words, "OCEAN CITY" near the crest, and "NEW JERSEY" near the compartment.

The central ring is gold and looks like the a circular ship's window with 16 rivets.

The picture 'within' the central 'portal' is that of the famous NJ Boardwalk & Atlantic Ocean. A ship is cruising in background with it's bow pointing towards the fly.

On the crest is the ancient symbol of a mariner, a trident made of wood. On the left-hoist side is a women swan diving in a conservative red bikini with a blue bathing cap. On the right-fly side is what seems to be some kind of mythical fish-humanoid like creature coloured green.

Below the seal is a lighter blue ribbon that reads, "AMERICA'S GREATEST FAMILY RESORT." Finally in the compartment (bottom of the seal) is the lower handle of the trident that is recessive to all elements on the seal. Previously Ocean City's motto used to be, "WEALTH, HEALTH, HAPPINESS."

Ocean City, NJ is a great family resort and caters its entertainment towards a family feel. Teenagers should go to Wild Wood and Atlantic City can provide grown up entertainment. Ocean City is a dry town. Thus before you cross the border, numerous liquor stores will greet you. The flag of Ocean City is basically the Delta flag with the city seal in the middle.

Flag of Ocean City, New Jersey
the motto was previously
"Health, Wealth, Happiness"

For information about America's Greatest Family Resort
Click Here:

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Colbert USA Meat Flag

The Protein Packed Patriotic Meat Flag

On August 17, 2010 Steven Colbert did a madly humorous piece on the American Meat Institute.

Before interviewing the president of the American Meat Institute, Jay Patrick Boyle, Colbert presented a protein packed patriotic meat flag.

This portentously non-kosher pork product flag was made out of 'Slim Jim' and 'bacon' meat.

Steven Holding the 'Flagtastic' Newsweek Cover

Coincidentally this episode was especially 'Vexillicious' as he talked about a Newsweek story that ranked the nations of the world as to the best place to live. The cover of Newsweek was decorated with various flags of the world. Unfortunately Newsweek ranked the US at 11th best place to live in the world.

You can learn more about the American Meat Institute Here

Enjoy Recent Episodes of the Colbert Report Here

Steven Eating the Breakfast of Patriots

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Six Flags

Under Construction

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ferengi Star Trek Symmetry

Rom the Younger Brother

In Star Trek: Deep Space 9 the Ferengi Race took on a major role. These species are supposed to have a keen sense for the love money. This love of abundance and prosperity runs through their persona and even their religion. Basically a Ferengi business dealer would make a 1980 Wall Street Junk Bonds Broker seem communistic. Their love of money and profit by human standards is on the verge of criminal, yet for Ferengi anything that generates profit is good for the one and spirit of the cosmos.

Coincidentally the actors who played Ferengi on Deep Space 9 Rom and Quark are cosmically aligned by my flag symmetry idea as state partners. The Ferengi Rom and Qark are brothers, but in real life they come from sibling states according to my flag symmetry idea.
Quark the Older Brother

Rom played by Max Grodenchik is from New York, while Quark played by Armin Shimerman is from New Jersey. In fantasy land they are brothers but in real life they are from sister states.

Only New Jersey and New York are states with heraldic women supporters on both sides. And the 'sibling rivalry' between NY and NJ is similar to the imaginary sibling rivalry between Rom and Quark.

Max "Rom" is from New York

Here Max Grodenchik has signed my NY-NJ card. He thought my flag symmetry idea was, "Neat and Interesting." I have not yet met Quark the 'older' brother.

Armin "Quark" is from New Jersey

On the Flag of New Jersey is the Goddess of Abundance, Ceres. It's quite a poetic fit as Quark was the key point man for Ferengi people since they are dedicated to abundance & prosperity.

The unsigned other side
waiting to be
signed by Armin "Quark" from New Jersey

Here are the Goddesses of the NJ State Flag.

The New Jersey Motto is similar to Ferengi Principals "Liberty & Prosperity."

It is a total dedication of freedom for profit, sort of like an extreme cut throat laissez-faire trickle down economic policy, no exchanges and no returns, a deal is a deal.

Link to my Original Post comparison between NJ & NY

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Delhi Ink

Getting a tattoo of your favorite national flag is not anything all that special but getting all the flags of the world tattooed on your body certainly is.

A man from India has embarked on a destiny to certainly go where no man has gone before, to cover his body with every national flag of the world.

They call him Guinness Rishi. Born in 1943, that makes him older than many of the world flags, especially of Africa.

Rishi's mantra must be, 'love the world and it will love you back.' He took this to heart. Rishi is carrying the world proverbially on his back, but literally on his belly.

Covering your tummy with flags is also the perfect excuse to justify a big round belly. Furthermore you can always have the whole world within your grip, or rather in your abs.

One suggestions is that he should leave a little extra space, as flags change every so often, especially in Africa. Rishi is a living work of vexillological history.

A bow and greeting taken literally
"Top of the world to you sir or mam!"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flag Staff County Canada

In between Edmonton and Calgary is county called Flagstaff in the province of Alberta.

Flagstaff must be city with divided loyalties during the hockey season: you must choose to be a part of the traditional proud Oiler fans versus the upstart counter Flames? It's sort of like the NY Giants fan vs. a NY JETS fannery.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flag Staff War, New Zealand

From 1845 unto 1872 this part of New Zealand history is known as the New Zealand Land Wars. It was basically a conflict between British Colonials and indigenous peoples. The first year of conflict opened with the vexillologically romantic Flag Staff War.

The Flag Staff War took place on the more tropical Northern Island. As had happened in Canada, US, and Australia, a cultural clash between European settlers and a technologically primitive peoples inevitably led to war.

In 1840 New Zealand was formally annexed to the British Empire. However as relations between 'aboriginals' and UK settler's evolved in an unbalanced way, a Native Chief Hone Heke chopped down a British Flag on 'Flag Staff Hill.' But the colonists managed to erect it at least three more times, each time it was chopped down.

The colonists won the war but gave up on raising a flag pole. They found it prudent to swallow their pride rather that incite more conflict and death. The colonists had the advantage of high technology and were also allied with other rival Native Kiwi peoples.

The Flag Staff War is also called the Northern War and Hone Hoke's Rebellion. Nearly 200 persons were killed in this war. This conflict wasn't simply about flags, but the vexillological escapades are what is best remembered.

Long after the conflict had subsided a flag staff was put in place which you can see today.

Ironically the HMS North Star participated in this war, but since New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere one can't see the North Star. For Aboriginal Maroi the concept of a constant North Star had to be taken on faith.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Flag Staff Arizona


What a great name for city. Hopefully one day a Vexillological meeting will take place. Maybe NAVA 69, in the year 2035?

The seal of Flagstaff Arizona appropriately has a flag in it and it breaks the seal, literally at what seems a little past 1:00 O'clock.

There is also an abandoned Flagstaff Maine, which is now a ghost town. Coincidentally, Arizona is full of ghost towns due boom and bust of mining colonies.

Finally there is a Flagstaff Mountain, but it is in Colorado next to Boulder. Apparently Flagstaff Mountain can is a preemo spot for a grand view of Boulder, Colorado.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Saudi Arabian Flag Explained

The Saudi Arabian flag is essentially an Islamic prayer flag. On it is the Shahada prayer, it is a very common and supposedly powerful prayer. Just click on the video to see it in 'action' with a special kind of translation in English and Japanese.

Saudi Arabia has a deep Yin-Yang, love-hate relationship with the United States. As much as some people may have you believe that Arabians 'hate America' there are many in Saudi Arabia whose love for America counterbalances the misguided passion of the sorrowful knuckle-headed.

Saudi Arabian Flag Explained in English & Japanese

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Australian Rebel Yell

Eureka Stockade Flag 1854

All the nations born of the UK have at one time or another experienced a phase of rebellion, ethnic tension, and anti-government movements. 'Down Under' in Australia two interesting rebellious events took place.

First in 1854 in Victoria, Australia the famous Eureka Stockade gold miners revolt occurred. The 'Jefferson Davis' of the Eureka Stockade revolt was Peter Lalor, originally born 'Up Over' in Ireland in 1827, died in 1889. Conflict arose between miners and perceived injustices and issues with the Australian government.

Miners Swearing Allegiance to the Flag

A fight broke out at Ballarat, Victoria. For those of yous living in the Northern Hemisphere that's about at nearly equal apparent converse latitude of Richmond, Virginia: the primary capital of the Confederate States of America.

The spring of 1854 was a pressure cooker for Australia. From October 17 to December 3, a particular group of Southerns from Victoria left a lauded super sized footnote in Australian History, that necessitates a movie remake every generation. Some of the underlying issues were religious, racism, labor, money, land ownership, and politics that involved the perpetually underdog Irish-Catholics vs the Protestant phat cats in power.

Modern Rendition of Roll up Banner
as a vexillologically 'GOOD FLAG' without text

Several years later when the US Civil War began, another historically charmed event was born in Australian consciousness that stemmed from the Roll Up Banner. Although this banner did not represent a rebellious government. It represents a movement and juicy part of Australian history with a sharper focus on the interplay of immigration and racial issues.

This historical event took place in New South Wales in the winter of June 1861. As in the US and Canada there were many a Chinese Immigrant who were attracted to mining operations. As communications and political correctness were still as yet a twinkle in some white woman's eye, racial relationships of that era were rather abrasive.
Original Roll Up Flag
with Anti-Chinese Sentiment

In June 1861 a mob of white Australians drove nearly 3000 Chinese miners off the Lambing Flat. The whites then received news that an anti-Chinese immigration bill was defeated and a rumor that thousands of more 'Chinamen' were on their way. The Australian police eventually arrested the leaders of the Lambing situation. A few days later on July 14, 1861 a platoon of anti-Chinese insurgents attacked a police encampment next to where the Chinese has sought refuge. One 'white' miner was reported killed. Eventually the Chinese miners were segregated and Chinese immigration was halted as it did in the US and Canada.

Although neither of these flags were intended to represent new nations, they are uniquely Australian Heritage Flags that capture essential and important events in Australian History, as much as do US Civil Wars flags do today.

One can speculate by some odd twist of fate, if these tense situations were to have gotten out of control and certain hot heads of that bygone era had their way, Australia might have become a continent with more than just one nation?

'Australian Feds' engage 'Aussie Rebels' at Burrangong-Winter July 14, 1861
(Rebels on the left Federals on the right, one 'Mellie Reb' is killed)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Montgomery County, Alabama

City of Montgomery, Alabama
Montgomery County Alabama has a very distinct flag that exhibits the 'Yin-Yangic Phenoptype.' The left-host side is dominantly gray, while the right-fly side is mostly red. In the center is a diagonal blue stripe with 11 stars, which accidentally reflect the 11 official states of the Confederacy and 11 stripes of the Liberian Flag. Most of the founders of the African country of Liberia were born in the United States.

Two crossed golden olive branches form an apparent circle, and within this circle the opposite colours of red and gray are juxtaposed with their opposite halves.

On the Seal of the City. On the outer golden ring is written:

On the inner white ring is written:

In the center is a gray six pointed star, on it is written:

The first official Confederate congress met in Montgomery, AL in February 1861. Rosa Parks also challenged the American Apartheid system in Montgomery, giving birth to the Civil Rights Movement in December 1, 1955.

Like Yin and Yang there is a delicate balance within the spirit of Montgomery, AL that accordingly manifested itself in the city flag. This city has two special histories as the cradle to the civil rights movement and birthplace of the Confederacy. Usually people of colour can more easily tune into the tragedy and triumph of the civil rights movement, while many sons and daughters of the Confederacy can tune into the romantic and forlorn wish of the an aborted Nation of the South. However, there a is minority of coloured and Southern non-coloured who go against this supposed point of view.

City of Montgomery in red, within Montgomery County

Monday, August 9, 2010

Eight NineTen

Next year it'll be September 10, 2011, then November 11, 2012, and finally December 12, 2013

08/09/10 August 9, 2010
09/10/11 September 10, 2011
10/11/12 October 11, 2012
11/12/13 November 12, 2013

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Malawai Flag Shift

Old Malawi Flag -2010
New Malawi Flag 2010-

Malawi has recently shifted the design of the flag due to political considerations. This has been something of a popular tool of political parties that surrender power after a long period of time, especially in Africa and less developed nations. Perhaps every nation of Africa will come to modify the national flag whenever there a dynamic political shift?

Maybe this practice of a "new flag, new party" will be the wave of the future? Evey time a political party changes power, they change-modify the national flags? The uninformed and uneducated public simply accepting it as this is how it ought to be? New party new flag, so be it. Political parties in Africa will simply campaign with, 'Here is the New National Flag If We Win", so the public will know what their getting into?

Flag of Bosnia-Herzegovina
So what does this mean for my Flag Symmetry concept? An added dimension and a call for patience. This has happened before, for instance when Bosnia-Herzegovina Adopted the blue, yellow and white star flag on February 4, 1998. It became a partner-less flag. But after waiting a decade, the partner flag emerged. On February 17, 2008 the flag of Kosovo was adopted officially, which has a striking similarity and thus balance was restored. Thus here is an example of a 10 year gap in between soul searching-wating for an 'eternal fraternal sister.' I strongly speculate after a period of time the Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina's flag will change once again.
Flag of Kosovo
Old Bosnia-Herzegovina FlagHowever the old Bosnia-Herzegovina flag is partnered with the current Cyprus Flag. This is a special case since their official overlap period is only six years from 1992-1998 when both flags were officially flying. These oddly paired flags are indicative of the political turmoil between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, as reflected by Christianity and Islam.

Official Cyprus Flag

Flag of Georgia

The current conflict of Northern Cyprus 'within in' Cyprus is reflective of the current conflict of Georgia. Georgia, like both Cypruses, has a conflict of 'linguistic-ethnic crusader-jihad' turmoil with its separatist states of Abkhazia and Ossetia. Both nationally tumultuous situations arose from interference from our civilizations lastly purely Eurasian Nations that have soil by all definitions in both Asia and Europe: Russia and Turkey.

Flag of Northern Cyprus

PS.....BONUS BLOG for Generation I folk only!!! (LOL): You can think of it as an odd metaphor between the rivalry of Vampire and Warewolves.

(if you take this too seriously you should have your head examined by a professional)
Islam with the crescent moon are the Warewolves which would be the Turks. Since Christianity is associated with being reborn after death like the immortal Vampire, they would be the Russians (blood = wine). For centuries the Sultans-(Warewolves) of Turkey have fought the Czars-(Vampires) of Russia for dominance along the Black Sea and even Romania. That's partly why there is so much chaos in Georgia, Cyprus, and the Balkans. Islam and Christianity have clashed here, like a mucho grande supersize Taco Bell burrito toilet bowl buster!

I suppose to complete this metaphor the Jews would have to be mummies? After all, ancient Egyptians had a special fondness for circumcision, ouch! In any case the battle between 'Vampires' and 'Warewolves' is totally intense in Cyprus, Georgia, and the Balkans.

Czar vs Sultan

Vampire vs Warewolf