Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day!

In Honor of Canada Day, Canadian Flags!
(California Republic Mojo V)

These flags were created to honor California Residents from different parts of Canada.  If you were born any of these Canadian Provinces and moved to California you have every right to fly these flags.

Prince Edward Island is represented by a baby harbor seal. A young seal was chosen because the ceremony to instate the real Prince of Wales is usually done when the heir apparent is a young pup. The first official UK Prince of Wales was Prince Edward I.

This critter is a Northern Marmot, it has a white colouration and thick heavy fur. Its one of the largest ground squirrels in North America just as the Polar Bear is the largest bear.

More lizards in Canada! Alberta is kinda' like the Texas of Canada. Or rather Texas is the Alberta of United States? Alberta is considered by many as the most Southern, culturally speaking, state of Canada.

The flying squirrel is the emblem for the Saskatchewan Republic flag. The critter is common to most of North America. He wishes he could really fly, he is more of a hang glider.

This is the last installment of North American Flags with the California Republic Mojo, see previous posts to see what they all look like.

Link to Part I

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