Saturday, June 26, 2010

California Republic Mojo IV

This is Part IV of Canadian Provinces decked out in Cali Style

These flags are for California Residents who were born in other parts of the USA or Canada.  They should never forget or be ashamed of where they were born.  So if you were born in anywhere in Canada and later moved to California please feel free to fly these flags. 

(and a few US States next to Canada)

Go the post on February 3, 2010 to see Part I

The North West Territories of Canada are represented by the Arctic Fox. This hearty little critter can also be found on the official flag of NWT.

The small predator is the American Marten, you can think of it as a cross between a cat and a squirrel.

The Musk Ox or Yak is the buffalo of the Arctic. They were nearly put into extinction by humans, but made a tenuous comeback. You can think of them as the opposite of tropical water-buffalo. Rather they are the once nearly extinct woolly-buffalo. They are under appreciated because there are still around, if they did go extinct these amazing and unique animals would ironically be more popular.

....You don't know what you got till it's gone....

Also for Star Wars fans, this animal is basically a 'Earthling Bantha'

Lemmings! That Disney film (White Wilderness 1958) about Lemmings that seem to commit mass suicide was a fabrication! These little critters do sometimes form herds when food is scarce and swarm the frozen lands for nubs of grass.

If you thought Maine had lobsters, think again! Nova Scotia is the Lobster King of the North Atlantic. And...the outline of Nova Scotia province even looks like a lobster!

Some people call the critter on Minnesota a Gopher and others a Squirrel? Which is it? Both! The amazing thing about the stripped gopher-squirrel is that it has 13 stripes on its back, thus it is the most patriotic critter out there!

Walruses live on the Northern Shores of Quebec.

Caribou probably have the most distinct kind antlers. Their migratory path passes through northern Manitoba.

This guy is called a fisher cat! It is not a cat and not a very good fisherman at that. If there ever was a critter that seemed to be a mix of a dog and cat its the inappropriated named fisher that rarely fishes.... aka the Dogat or Cattog?

The Canadian Lynx is a close cousin of the Bobcat, that are mostly found in the USA. But Canadian Lynxes differ in several ways, just as Anglo-Americans and Anglo-Canadians differ. Both Canuck-Lynxes and Yankee-Bobcats have bobtails. However Canuck-Lynxes have longer tufts on their ears, a heavier coat, and wider feet for walking on snow.

Yes, Canada has lizards too! Even in British Columbia. This is the Northern Alligator Lizard. This Canadian Gator can reach a whopping 12 inches under the right conditions.

Canada Day - California Republic Mojo V

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