Friday, June 25, 2010

California Republic Mojo III

This is Part III of Cali Style Flags

The following flags are dedicated and for use of Californians who come from another part of the USA.  They should never forget their roots.  Thus is you are from any of these states and now reside in California, you have full rights to fly these flags.  

The Leather Back Sea Turtle, the smooth zen energy of this sea turtle is similar to the official zen flag of South Carolina. You can see a stuffed Leather Back at the Charleston museum of South Carolina.

This is an Elk. Most people are familiar with the White Tailed Deer but Elks have a mane and are bigger, yet smaller than a moose.

The Gila Monster and Arizona go together like SoBe tea! This is the USA's only poisonous lizard that can kill with its bite, so please respect the lizard.

The howling Coyote is an iconic symbol of the American West. So it had to be included on one of the Cali-Style Republic Flags. The vast lonely spaces of Nevada echo the romantic call of a lone Coyote.

The Black Foot Ferret is slowly making a return to the great plains, instead of using chemicals to control prairie dog populations this cute fuzzy little guy can do the job.

Look out Massachusetts, MARYLAND is the Bay state by far. Marylanders are proud that they have crabs, and they are tasty too!

The box turtle is a classic boy hood pet-encounter, this turtle is as American as Apple Pie and Indiana Corn. Although Indiana is famous for the fastest car races in the world, it is ironic harmony it should have the slow turtle on its flag. It is reflective of Indian's humble Hoosier spirit of the slow and steady that overcomes the fast flashy overconfident ego.

This is not a mouse nor a rat, although it's name suggests so, the Muscrat. This animal is like a beaver, since it builds lodges, but they do not dam up rivers.

You can call em' Lazy Beavers.

The bottom stripe with nine divisions is an allusion to the Sons of Liberty, which originally had nine states. The Muscrat Lodges are reflective of these original 'super secret patriot capitals' ........ which were BCC (BCC meaning Before Confederation & Constituion)

The Wisconsin State Flag has a Badger on it, thus a jumping Badger for the Wisconsin Republic Flag. Lead was also an early export that help shape Wisconsin's economy thus the colour silver.

Rockies, Big Horn Sheep, Colorado, nothing more to add. Except sky blue for the high skies of Colorado.

The Snapping Turtle can easily take off a finger so be careful, if you ever meet one cause' they're meaner than a bulldog! These seven stars represent the seven states that left before Abraham Lincoln was sworn into office.

The original State Flag of Oklahoma was a red flag with a single star, like the one on the Cali Style Republic Flag you see now. 46 is reflective of Oklahoma's position as the 46th state.

But in the 1920s red became the colour of Socialism and Communism and the good people of Oklahoma deemed it essential to change their state flag to the current sky blue version. But in the Cali-Style Republic Flag recycles this design. Finally the lizard of Oklahoma is the Collared Lizard.


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  1. For NV... would have thought more the Ram (bighorn sheep) as it is the state symbol, or the Wolf... (Univ of NV mascot)... but I guess if we have Harry Reid in charge.... the Coyote (in the Loki tradition) may be appropriate ....