Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Reds vs the Blues - Bloods & Crips

Red Bandanna is the
Colour of the Bloods

Duality is a key theme in most of my posts. Interestingly two of the most popular gangs in American consciousness are the Crips and Bloods. Their violent responsiveness to their gang colours, red and blue, are similar to behaviors of armies at war with each other. If a person with the wrong colours happens to go on the wrong turf or spot of member flashing their colours at the wrong time conflict can arise. Likewise when nations are at war with each other a flash of the enemies national colours can cause a violent outbreak.

In either case of shedding innocent blood: 'too bad...that's just a part of war' and if a non gang member gets shot by a stray bullet 'that's just the law of the concrete jungle.'

Nations are organized gangs working within the law under the colours of a flag, however street gangs work outside the law under certain colorz in the underworld.
Blue Bandanna is the
gang colour of the CRIPS
The defense of a nation and street gang also have different but similar method of rule by rank, file, and needs of proving oneself by action and merit.

Corporations work within the confines of the law and provide legal services for public, street gangs provide illegal services for the public beyond the confines of the law. Both illegal and legal systems operate on the fundamental economic law of supply and demand. Corporations are keenly aware of maximizing marginal utility while street gangs know how to do this free ball style.

What would happen if you were able to combine a Blood with Crip?

Purple CRUD (Crip+Blood) or
Violet BRICKS (Blood + Crip) or
Tripping BLIPS (Blood + Crip)

You can get three varieties of underworld solider-thug when you mix a Blood with a Crip:


Interesting parallel between Crips and Bloods with their colours is also reflected in Japanese folklore. There are two types of legendary monsters are thought to be a root of mischievous and heinous acts the Red Demon Oni and Blue Demon Oni.

Image of Japanese Blue Oni and Red Oni
In Japanese mythology the red devil 'Oni' and blue devil 'Oni' of Japan exist in the spiritual underworld. They proverbially operate outside the law of goodness. They are responsible for harmful, hateful, and horrible acts. Although they torture mankind with their passion for suffering and cruelty. 'Bloodz Oni' and 'Crips Oni' do not get along.

Blue Cripz Oni Mask

Theoretical Purple Oni
Red Bloodz Oni Mask

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