Friday, March 26, 2010

Flag Videos!

You can watch videos about my flag symmetry phenomena on Youtube. I have a video about the flags of Canada, Australia, and Southern USA. Go the the website

This video was made in 2010. It illustrates the flag symmetry phenomena across the world and puts special emphasis on the USA, Russia, and Japan. The sound was taken and edited from the first movie trailer of the Davinci Code (2006) and the images were edited and made by me (2010).

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Reds vs the Blues - Bloods & Crips

Red Bandanna is the
Colour of the Bloods

Duality is a key theme in most of my posts. Interestingly two of the most popular gangs in American consciousness are the Crips and Bloods. Their violent responsiveness to their gang colours, red and blue, are similar to behaviors of armies at war with each other. If a person with the wrong colours happens to go on the wrong turf or spot of member flashing their colours at the wrong time conflict can arise. Likewise when nations are at war with each other a flash of the enemies national colours can cause a violent outbreak.

In either case of shedding innocent blood: 'too bad...that's just a part of war' and if a non gang member gets shot by a stray bullet 'that's just the law of the concrete jungle.'

Nations are organized gangs working within the law under the colours of a flag, however street gangs work outside the law under certain colorz in the underworld.
Blue Bandanna is the
gang colour of the CRIPS
The defense of a nation and street gang also have different but similar method of rule by rank, file, and needs of proving oneself by action and merit.

Corporations work within the confines of the law and provide legal services for public, street gangs provide illegal services for the public beyond the confines of the law. Both illegal and legal systems operate on the fundamental economic law of supply and demand. Corporations are keenly aware of maximizing marginal utility while street gangs know how to do this free ball style.

What would happen if you were able to combine a Blood with Crip?

Purple CRUD (Crip+Blood) or
Violet BRICKS (Blood + Crip) or
Tripping BLIPS (Blood + Crip)

You can get three varieties of underworld solider-thug when you mix a Blood with a Crip:


Interesting parallel between Crips and Bloods with their colours is also reflected in Japanese folklore. There are two types of legendary monsters are thought to be a root of mischievous and heinous acts the Red Demon Oni and Blue Demon Oni.

Image of Japanese Blue Oni and Red Oni
In Japanese mythology the red devil 'Oni' and blue devil 'Oni' of Japan exist in the spiritual underworld. They proverbially operate outside the law of goodness. They are responsible for harmful, hateful, and horrible acts. Although they torture mankind with their passion for suffering and cruelty. 'Bloodz Oni' and 'Crips Oni' do not get along.

Blue Cripz Oni Mask

Theoretical Purple Oni
Red Bloodz Oni Mask

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Millennial Split of Christian Europe: 1054

Flag of the Vatican
(Western Roman Church)

Flag of Eastern Orthodox Church
(Eastern Roman Church)

Since 2005, Pope Benedictine XVI
lived in a city-nation state within Italy:The Vatican

The senior spiritual leader of the Western Roman Church is called the Pope, while the senior spiritual leader of the Eastern Roman Church is called the Ecumenical Patriarch. Both their banners have yellow, crowns, and crosses.

The Western Catholic flag has a cross keys charge, while the Eastern Catholic flag has a Siamese Eagle holding a sword and the Royal Christian Orb.

Since 2005, Ecumenical Patriarch,
Bartholomew I,
has lived in Mt. Athos
in Greece, which is off limits to women

In 1054 the ancient Church of Europe split in two antagonistic churches, this was also the year a super nova was detected in the heavens. 500 years later the Western Roman Church fought perilously from within via the Catholic and Protestant conflicts, while the Eastern Roman Church would fight from beyond via the Orthodoxy and Islam conflict. The Eastern Orthodox Church lost Constantinople* to Islam, while the Western Roman Church lost nearly all of Northern Europe to Protestants.

*(the most sacred city of Christian Orthodoxy where the first Emperor of Rome declared Christianity the state religion, Constantinople is now called Istanbul)

Crown of Vatican Flag

Crown of 'Constantinople' Flag

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scuba Flag

Diver Down Under Flag used
in the USA and nearby

When S.C.U.B.A. divers go under water they are supposed to deploy a flag as a signal to nearby boats that divers are in the water.

You think there would be no controversy on an agreed symbol to represent that a 'diver is down under,' there is. When you scuba dive in the USA and nearby waters they use the red flag with a white diagonal stripe. But the rest of the world uses the nautical alpha flag. Why can't they agree on just one symbol? Why is there a need for two systems, why won't one side just give up? Why not a third flag of diver down?

'ALPHA' flag indicating a
diver is down under

I prefer the metric system over old Imperial Empire system that the USA is stuck on, besides it'd goof up football fields. Meters is an elegant and simply superior system. I'm middle of the line with Celsius versus Fahrenheit, I can switch between both systems but Fahrenheit has that nice 0 to 100 degree distance that give us a deeper sense in temperature.

As you can see I'm totally into colour versus color. Many Canadians, Aussies, Brits, and Kiwi's often seethe when us Yanks spell it humor versus humour. It's like the perpetual pop versus soda debate, in the USA.

But when it comes to the diver down flag, the USA has it right. Red is bright and more easily seen than a blue-white flag on a blue and white sky and blue and white ocean!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Rainbow in the Indian Ocean: Seychelles & Mauritius

Flag of Seychelles

Mauritius and Seychelles have flag of similar colours but of slightly different patterns.

They are both island nations of the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is probably more famous for its now extinct animal than the nation itself: the Dodo. Like wise Mauritius saw a large swath of animals go the way of the Dodo after the arrival of mankind like its native sea turtles.

Flag of Mauritius
Like a shimmering rainbow pointing to the mystical pot of gold, these nations shimmer on the ancient Ocean of India.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green Flags Ahoy! Saudi Arabia & Guess Who

Flag of Saudi Arabia
with Islamic Prayer on it the Shahada

Libya and Saudi Arabia are nations enchanted with the emerald colour. Perhaps living in a desert made them treasure the colour green, for it meant life was near and perhaps an oasis.

Islam claims green for it's very own.

Libya and Saudi Arabia are nations with a vast ocean of sand. These nearly endless seas of sand and earth rest on the entrance door steps of Europe to Africa and Asia.

They are close cousins of sorts but polarized to different oceans. Libya is on the African Coast of the Mediterranean World rooted to the Atlantic, while Saudi Arabia is on the Asiatic Red and Persian Sea coasts, rooted to the Indian Ocean.

They are sibling nations that are stringently Islamic & Arabic. They are so close to the western world yet so far away.
Flag of Libya
Green is the colour of Islam
Tragically, both nations gave rise to scorpion like militants who have sent tremors of pain and fear down the American Spinal chord. For the desert is a harsh teacher, yet if you learn and respect her ways she will love you like none other.

What are the chances that Destiny would bless these nations with such vast quantities of petroleum? After eons and countless generations, our generation was the chosen to live in the age of the horseless chariot. A precious generation we are, so lucky and blessed. Yet this blessing has come with a curse. But within this curse lies our greatest hope.

For the magic potion that feeds these horseless chariots was fatefully given in great abundance to Libya and Saudi Arabia.

People of the Desert were always aware and intelligent of the various needs of life, people, circumstance, religion, and politics. As the modern world comes to terms with a limited amount of resources, the people of the Desert were destined to rise in the lime light of our awareness, for they are no stranger to life under a strict, straight and narrow path. Rather they are masters of it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

2010 SNL Flag Short Analysis: Part V

This is the final installment of the Flag's of the World Digital Short Video by Saturday Night Live.

by guest blogger, Jacqueline Handy

Scotty flag is a play off of the flag of Scotland called a Scotch Flag. They really don't harmonize too well visually only acoustically. They could have used a bottle of Scotch for a Scotch Flag or made a flag out of Scotch Tape too.

Stag Flag kinda goes with Girlfriend on a Rag Flag. When you Google Stag, you usually get some kind of deer or a Bachelor Party. A Bachelor Party flag would have went better, than just a stag flag and it would have been a funnier image. I guess SNL ran out of time, or didn't bother to Google Stag?

They represent extremes in the male and female hormones. A Girlfriend on the Rag flag has unbalanced levels of female hormones running though her body, while men at a STAG PARTY can beat chests and let their testosterone rule the roost. They act like a wild deer with antlers, better known as a Stag.

Also when you Google Stag you often get a some chick showing off her feathers to bunch of guys. SNL didn't want to use this kind of image because it's pro femi-nutzy. If you didn't notice SNL is pro commie-affirmative action via female comedians. Rather SNL loves to show us with men kissing men, and flashing us strap on dildos. SNL means Saturday Night Liberals.

A flag made out of a check hoisted by a pencil makes Check Flag? They should of at least had a patriotically designed check. There are many kinds of checks with US flags on it. Instead they went with the flag of someone they knew: Alexander M. Lindsay.

Who is this person? He must have an account with Chase Manhattan Bank and apparently his birthday may be February 27, 1987 and he has some sort of relationship with Rebecca Jr. Lally.

This is connected to another flag that is simply a kite with US flag pattern on it. Thus they match by flag on a pencil and flag on a string. Also, flying kites and receiving checks is fun!

These two flag represent the two main forms of modern entertainment and mass communication: TV and the Movies. The movie the Hottie and the Nottie starred Paris Hilton, while the NBC's Lost is one of it's hottest television shows.

The Final Pair!

Yahtzee dice with a checkered flag. Whether you're rolling dice or hoping for your car to win, it's all a gamble and there can only be one winner. But in the end it's all about the ride, so basically SNL is telling you to smile, take some chances, have fun and enjoy life, it'll be over before your know it!

Conclusion: So what do all these pairings mean? Basically the skit created by Saturday Night Live was most likely done by a team of writers and comedians. The primary architect of this flag skit was the lyricist or lyricists. The whole project represents an input of several minds at work.

It shows that there is a need for harmony on the most subtle level of things.

Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 SNL Flag Short Analysis: Part IV

By Jacqueline Handy,

formerly of the Smiths and Black Flag were two wonderfully established alternative and punk bands of the underground scene during the 1980s. SNL is really showing their gray hairs with these groups. But instead of Morrisey the Moz they should have and Anti-Flag flag.

These two flags are united by the fact they are drawings. The famous Ziggy flag is based on the Ziggy comic strip that hit it big in the late 1970s, while the unknown Gag flag was probably drawn by a SNL cast member, it looks like a girl did the drawing. The Gag flag artist probably chose yellow tri-bars to match the yellow banana peel that the person is about to slip on.

Both are pictures of women with facial hair. The Freak Flag is of bearded woman who has no choice in the matter, God made her that way. While the Maggie flag has a girl that goes against her gender's identity. Maggie dressed in Draggie Flag? Technically Maggie is not dressed in Drag but rather dressed in Drab. Drab is when a woman is "Dressed a Boy" and Drag is when a man is "Dressed as Girl." 'It should be Maggie Dressed in Drabbie Flag.'

The stuff in the baggie flag is obviously tobacco that was grown in Jamaica. Zig Zag man represents the four traditional values of American conservatism hard work, God, humility, and gun ownership. Zig Zag papers allow smokers of tobacco to truly participate in the tobacco cigarette smoking process. Basically you put your chi flow into the cigarette, thus you can smoke your own chi with Zig Zag.

FYI: when people smoke tobacco they connect with chi of the earth via nicotine, but it's a very short connection and dose not interfere in work. Unfortunately, in American middle schools becoming a Nicotine Junkie is way too appealing and cool. Many movies and ads still promote Nicotine Junkie-hood. It is also still legal but getting difficult to express ones Nicotine Junkie-hood in public.

These are two popular musicians from the two extremes of American pop music, one representing Gen-X of black America and the other of Gen-X white America. Biggie passed away in 1997 and was from NYC. While Brett the former lead singer from the cross-dressing Poison group from the 1980s has reinvented himself on reality tv. A better match for Brett probably would have been a Flavor Flav Flag.

Not much of word match, but they harmonize by style. Taking Drags from a Fag Flag and Can I Get a Peek Flag seem like rather queer flags.

DR. FREUD SAYS: These two flags are linked by male homosexuality, a recently popular theme on Saturday Night Live and standard joke on Late Night TV. Gay humor can been seen with Connan O'Brien + La Bamaba and Jay Leno + Kevin Eubanks, as they often tease each other with man on man love jokes. But is it a joke, or some deeply held passion?

The man dressed in a garbage rags taking drags from a 'Fag' Flag indicates that he is not at peace with his inner gay life force and thinks of it as dirty and or an addiction he must hide, thus the colour black. While the 'nude man' with a flag on his chest has clearly embraced his true preference as a freedom via the American theme 'in the pursuit of happiness.'

There are very few people (men and women) who want to be flashed by a skinny naked white man with a six pack, however a large percentage gay men probably wouldn't mind. Thus 'Can I get a Peek Flag' represents the liberated gay man who is not afraid of inner happiness.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let's have peace and be gay

Gay Pride Flag
The Peace Flag is similar to the Gay Pride Flag. One of the first uses of the Rainbow Peace flag took place in Italy in 1961 against the use of nuclear weapons. The Gay Pride flag came a little later in 1978 and originally had a hot pink and turquoise stripe, that was later dropped. To the right is the current most popular version.

First Peace Flag in Italy,
Pace is Italian for Peace

The amazing harmony is the Rainbow Peace Flag and Gay Pride flag are reflective of a double rainbow. The first lower rainbow has red on top of the bow. If the rainbow is powerful enough a second usually fainter 'upside down' rainbow appears, with purple on top of the bow.

The upper rainbow is reflective of the Rainbow Peace Flag, while the lower rainbow reflects the Gay Pride movement. Therefore the peace and gay movement are mysteriously intertwined on some cosmic level.

I suppose the universe is saying Hippies and Gays just wanna be happy and live in peace? Or perhaps Gays should lead the peace movement? Who knows?

Original Peace Flag Colours 1961

Original Colours 1978

The following video was taken next to Big Ben and Parliament in the United Kingdom May 14, 2010. On my way to talk at the UK Flag Institute's Spring Meeting, I just happen to bump into this peace vigil-protest.