Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jamaica & 'little jamaica' ie: Dominica

Flag of Jamaica

Jamaica and Dominica are in the Caribbean and have a deep ethnic heritage to Africa, and linguistic heritage to England. Even their flag designs are reflective of this. Jamaica has a 'Black Scottish' flag while Dominica has a 'Black English' flag, or rather Scotland has a 'White Jamaican' flag and England has a 'White Dominica' flag. Bottom line is that a certain percentage of Jamaican people have Scottish heritage just as a certain percentage of Dominica people have English heritage.

Flag of Dominica

Please don't get Dominica confused with Dominican Republic. In Dominica they speak English, you can think of it as a tiny version of Jamaica with no bobsled team, as of yet! It'd be better if they break into the luge first, so it wouldn't look like they are copying Jamaica.

FYI, the Dominican Republic shares space with Haiti on the large island in between Cuba and Puerto Rico, closer to North America. The Dominican is a small island closer to South America and in between the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

The banners of these two island paradises are similar in colours and if Dominica didn't have the parrot in the center it would look too much like the Jamaican flag and some other vexillologist probably wound have discovered this phenomenon. But nope, your looking and the real McCoy. I'm the first human to recognize this trait amongst nations.

Unofficial Flag of Dominica
It's very Jamaicanesque without the parrot charge

PS... since I called Dominica the little Jamaica it's only fair I call Jamaica the 'Over Sized Dominica'

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kosovo & Bosnia-Herzegovina; Europe + 2 & Allah

Flag of Kosovo
Once again like a smashing of atoms the smashing of a nation has created an uncanny similarity between two nations born out of the shattering of Yugoslavia and then Serbia!

Both of these nations have chosen a sea of blue and white stars, reflective of the European Union and a yellow blob or shape. Kosovo's flag is the organic-natural blot while Bosnia Herzegovina's flag is an artificial-abstract shape.

Most Vexillologists would probably rank Kosovo's flag below Bosnia Herzegovina and or want to change Kosovo's flag. Vexillological Orthodoxy has an extreme distaste for organic and natural shapes, animals, and letters.

Flag of Bosnia Herzegovina
Both Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina have a strong element of Islamic peoples, they are Europe's newest additions. The interesting political notion is that when the West supported the devolution of Kosovo from Serbia, this set into motion the political blow back of Russia's support for the devolution of Georgia via Abkazia and Ossetia.

Although Serbia and Russia are not the best of friends 100% of the time, they are connected by destiny and the shape of the flag which is the like the shape of their heart.

The USA only had only 30 years to deal just recently with Islamic Taxi drivers and a few Muslim professionals here and there. Serbia and Russia were ruled by Islamic Overlords for nearly 300 years and had their Christian Identity oppressed and tested. Can you imagine if the USA or UK had Islamic overlords to rule their country for 300 years and had to pay extra taxes because they are simply Christians? Long story short, when the Turks ruled over South Eastern Europe they were able to convert a good minority of white folk, namely many of the peoples who now make up nations of Bosnia Herzegovina & Kosovo.

After the creation of the Bosnia Herzegovina flag in European consciousness it naturally lead to the creation of another flag that 'balanced' the 'equation' by creating this uncanny symmetry of two nations that were once united with Serbia.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chad & Romania; Ebony & Ivory

Flag of Romania in Europe
It is a union with the heart of Europe with the heart of Africa. Romania is a central state of Europe and the only Romance speaking nation that is mostly Eastern Orthodox, all the other 'Romance-language nations' remained loyal to Rome except Romania.

Romania also has a varied mix of nations and languages. Romania has been ruled by Christians, Muslims, Fascists and Communists, can you imagine if your nation had such a rich history?

Islam, Christianity, and the Traditional Spirit all beat a life force into the nation of Chad. The peoples are diverse with Arabs to Black Africans with many languages. Like Romania, Chad has been ruled by Muslims, Christians, and Fascists. During the Cold War she had to fight with extreme right wing Islamic-fascists from Libya. But with a little help from France, Chad stayed away from the far right.

Flag of Chad in Africa
Romania is a central nation of Europe crossing the four seasons line at 45 degrees north (in between the north pole and equator). She gets all four seasons and has all full bodied range of mountains.

Chad is a central nation of Africa crossing the Arab-Black African line. Deserts and Jungles sculpt the land with a heavy tone of sunshine, Chad too has mountains and plains as well.

Both nations have a history of being dominated by some other nation. They are ancient dancing partners caught in the cross roads of civilization. The richness of their heritage is manifold and they have only begun their new golden era.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Uganda & Zimbabwe

Flag of Uganda

Uganda & Zimbabwe have flags with similar stripes but in different orders. They also have birds on their flags. They are land locked nations in the rift valley and have been culturally connected to the UK thus English is widely spoken.

Flag of Zimbabwe

They are literally birds of a similar feather!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oman & Madagascar; Cancer & Capricorn

Flag of Oman

Oman and Madagascar are two nations tied to East Africa. So close yet separate. The roots of there civilizations reside in Asia.

Madagascar is a huge island just off the coast of East Africa and is the melting-pot mosaic of the Indian Ocean with heritages from Indonesia, India, Arabia (Oman), and Africa. But it was the latecomers, the French who snookered control in the end, yet they too would surrender control to the 'natives.'

Flag of Madagascar
Oman and Madagascar are the only flag-pair that are geographically aligned with the two tropic lines of the hemispheres. Oman lies along the North Indian Ocean along the Tropic of Cancer, while Madagascar lies in the South Indian Ocean along the Tropic of Capricorn.

During the longest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun directly above the Tropic of Cancer. Around June 21, usually.

And during the longest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere, the sun is straight up directly above the Tropic of Capricorn. Around December 21, usually.

These lands are sunny and bright with a patriotic wave of red, green and white!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sierria Leone & Lesotho

Sierra Leone
an African American homeland
carved in African for Africans
of the UK Empire returning to Africa

Sierra Leone & Lesotho are two African nations of distant lands who were united under the British Empire. Sierra Leone is north of the equator in West Africa, while Lesotho is south of the equator in East Africa.

Both nations are homelands designed by the British. Sierra Leone was a colony mostly of freed slaves, thus it is called the Liberia of the UK, or rather Liberia is the Sierra Leone of the US. While Lesotho is an independent homeland for native Africans on their own soil.

It'd be like.... if a Native American Indian reservations were to become their own nations....sort'a.

an African homeland for
Native Africans carved
out of South Africa

Blue, Green, and White are the themes that link these ancient sisters and brothers. Once again the amazing and bizarre linkage between nations makes its self evident!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gabon & Lesotho

Flag of Gabon
adopted by France
Two nations of the French speaking persuasion that are in Central Africa. The poetry of the sun is loud, royal and rich.

Rwanda teaches us the genocide is not a word limited to European or Asian civilization. People can be misled at the wrong time and wrong place to do horrible things to their neighbors. Perhaps the only vanguard against such atrocities is listening and patience. Say and do good, spend the effort and time to communicate, communicate, and communicate.
Flag of Rwanda
adopted by Germany & Belgium

Gabon was the 'Liberia' of France in much the same way that 'Sierra Leone' was to the UK. But before these lofty ambitions took hold, Gabon received her name from the Portuguese and it was a central slave depot for the Dutch, English, and French Colonies.

Rwanda like her fist adoptive parent Germany carries the scars, shame, and sadness of 20th century genocides. Sad this is yet it is also their honor and destiny in the afterglow of these sorrowful tragedies that we can distill a fragrant wisdom that can help keep our nations at peace.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pan African Vibe that match

African American Flag
This flag was first raised in the US in the 1920s to represent unity of African Americans.

The other flag was raised in South Africa.

South African National
Congress Flag

African Americans felt the power of segregation in the America's while in the South Africa felt to power of apartheid.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cameroon & Senegal: West Africa

Senegal Flag
with Green Star

Cameroon and Senegal have flags of matching colours and centered with a star. They are the beginning and end of the West African Coast. Although the colours are similar these people are distant neighbors with parallel and intersecting histories.

Cameroon Flag
with Yellow Star

Focus on Stars so they look more distinguished


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aland & Orkney Flag: Isles of the North Sea

Flag of Orkney Islands
A Scottish Flag

These islands in the North European Sea have a special kind of symmetry that connects them in a colourful way that was their destiny. They are islands at opposite ends of the cold seas of Northern Europe.

Orkney is in the West next to Scotland and and Aland in the heart of the of the East in between Sweden and Finland.
Flag of Aland Islands
A Finnish Flag

Aland is under rule of Finland while Orkney is under rule of the Scotland.

Their flag's are reflective of the Scandinavian Cross.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Year of the Tiger 2010

Since it's the new year of the Tiger, it is only natural we talk about a flag with a Tiger on it!

The flag with Tiger on it represents the ill fated Tamil Tiger nation that almost was in Sri Lanka. It pitted 'Hindus' against 'Buddhists' and the war was finally concluded last year in 2009 or in the year just before the Tiger, the Ox.

Many people compared this conflict of East Asia to the conflict in West Asia between 'Israelis' and 'Muslims.'

Flag of Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka
just defeated last year in 2009

notice it looks like a sun
This flag makes a nice pairing with the flag of Kalantan, a state in Malaysia next to boarder on Southern Thailand. Just as the war between Buddhists and Hindus died down a new war in Southern Thailand erupted in the wake of September 11, on the Malay-Thai Border, it's kinda like the Afghani-Pakistan border but less the madness. But in this case it's Buddhists versus Muslims.

The state of Kelantan is not directly involved in the conflict but it is likely they are sympathetic to the Islamic Thai fighters dominated in a Buddhist nation in Thailand.

Flag of Kelatan State in Malaysia
notice it looks like a moon
These flags are similar in design and both have weaponry. The Tamil Tiger flag has machine guns with an arc of bullets, while the wavy krises swords of Kelatan are meant to cut down the enemy or defend the homeland.

But please be aware that no part of Malaysia is at war with Thailand. They are relatively happy neighbors. But another break away group with in a Buddhist nation has resorted to terrorism in their arsenal for independence, and if they won they may just join up Malaysia. But most likely these Islamic Siamese will suffer the same fate at the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oregon & Nebraska

Flag of Oregon
Ancient Ox Pulled Wagon & Sail Boat
last state before heart break of Civil War
Just in time for Valentines day is Oregon! This state was 'born' on February 14, 1859. It was the last state to join the union before the United States would have her heart broken by the Civil War. Oregon's outer seal even looks like the shape of a heart!

Nebraska on the other hand joined the union right after the Civil War ended on March 1, 1867.

Flag of Nebraska
Modern Fossil Fuel train & sail-less boat
first state after heart ache of Civil War
Their flags represent a change in times and technology. The flag of Oregon has the ancient sail and animal pull cart that Biblical characters wouldn't bat and eye at, but Nebraska has the modern fossil fuel technological wonders: a boat that needs no sail and carts that need no animals. If the ancients saw the machines on Nebraska's flag they surely would have been awe struck by these technological wonders, or run away screaming by such 'strange black magic' of the devil.

These flags echo of shift in culture as much as technology. Before 1859 owing another man or woman as property was in line with the rest of ancient history, but after 1867 this ancient institution was seen as uncivilized and reprehensible.

America would have a proverbial broken heart for 50 years, until the map of America was completed. The last interconnected state joined the Union February 14, 1912: Arizona. Arizona was originally christened by the Confederate Government as Arizona Territory (Admitted in the Confederacy February 14, 1862) but by 1912 much of the old heartache of that bygone war had healed up pretty darn good. In an odd way I reckon' it made America's heart beat even stronger.

Happy Valentines Day 2010

Close up of flags so you can see balance and harmony

Ancient Sail Boat & Ox Wagon

Train & paddle boat of the
modern fossil fuel age
that we are still in of




(1861- CIVIL WAR -1865 )


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Georgia & Northern Cyprus, pressure points of Eurasia

Flag of Georgia
(a nation with break away regions)

These nations skate along the edges of Asia and Europe. Many atlases categorize Cyprus as a part of Europe, others as Asia, the same thing also happens with Georgia as well.

These nations are totally in the twilight zone-pressure points in the game of global politics. Georgia recently suffered from war in 2008 which saw two rogue nations break away, Ossetia and Abkazia with aid from Russia. While Northern Cyprus broke of away from Cyprus with the aid of Turkey in 1974.

Flag of Northern Cyprus
(a nation that is a break away region)

Only a minority of nations view Georgia's break away republics and Northern Cyprus as real nations. Because of this disagreement, the issue is very contentious and mentally painful. If not handled with care people start screaming and beating each other up, it's kinda' like the abortion debate in the USA.

Basically Northern Cyprus is a break away nation because the inhabitants are Muslim and speak Turkish, while Georgia is a nation with break away nations because of old ethnic and linguistic divisions. Their banners are like yin and yang reflective of the two most holy books born of West Asia: the Holy Bible and Holy Koran.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Panama & Dominican Repub; foster children of the USA

Flag of Dominican Republic
Nation of the Divided Island East by West with Haiti

Panama and the Dominican Republic have flags of striking similarity. Both of their flags are divided into quadrants. The colours of red, white, and blue catch the eye.

Interestingly you can think of these nations as being 'foster' children for the United States. Puerto Rico & the Philippines were adopted by the US but Panama and the Dominican only made it to 'foster parent' status.

The Dominican Republic actually offered herself up to join the United States, but the US congress rejected this opportunity to get more land! Racial issues of the time may have been a factor. But since then, when every so often business interests are threatened the US military has been deployed to help out and keep things from running a muck or going too lefty schmefty!

The US Government prefers it righty and tighty.

Flag of Panama
Nation that is divided by North & South America

Panama actually had territory that was a part of the USA, the Panama Canal Zone, which gladly gave us John McCain!

Like the Dominican Republic the US Military had a wonderful run of operations in a tropical climate for several decades. Most families that had the lovely Panamanian assignment were very grateful, but most local Panamanians were unfortunately rather resentful of the US presence.

Panama and the Dominican were so close with the United States and almost a part of her. The US government is intimately knowledgeable about these nations and had to fight several forgettable mini-wars within these nations. But the US never had resounding maternal ambition to incorporate these 'foster' nations in the love of American pie, yet her mark on the lands is deep and wide, especially for Panama.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweden & Finland

Flag of Sweden

Sweden & Finland are nations of Scandinavia. They are all to familiar with the harsh personalities of winter and both have lands in the Arctic Circle. This gives them a natural advantage in the Winter Olympics.

Although they are neighbors their languages are very distant and can not understand each other.

Flag of Finland

Sweden was pretty neutral during the WWII and as well during the Cold War, but they were already used to the cold anyways.
But long before WWI Sweden was one of the imperial warlords who made the effort to establish colonies in the Americas. They got started in Delaware and New Jersey but the Dutch terminated their efforts, who were then terminated by the British, who was finally terminated from within by the colonists.

The important thing is that when the Swedes were in the Delaware Valley they were also united with Finland. Some people argue that the log cabin really originated in Finland not Sweden, but Sweden gets all the credit.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Old Congo & Old Somalia

Once upon a time when these nations were in harmony their flag used to balance each other. But after the shift of the Cold War these nations shifted their flags.

Old Somalia Flag
Old Congo Flag

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Symmetry of Our Union

The cover pic of my photo is the prototype book cover I made during a work shop in the Writer's Corner USA, in Doylestown PA. It's supposed to give us, the writers, something to shoot for. I recommend it for all aspiring authors. Basically you find an old hard cover book take out the insides, design a cover, and type up a couple of sample chapters and you have your mock book.

The mock book is about the 'symmetry flag' phenomena that I have discovered between the 50 US States. The colours of the book are blue and buff the preferred 'facing' colours of George Washington's troops.

The book is sure to be fun and educational and will certainly tickle the curiosity center of your brain! This is no ordinary flag book!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

South Africa and Vanuatu

Flag of Vanuatu
The patterns and colours are fairly similar. Both of these nations are of the Southern Hemisphere and lush with wild beauty.

Oddly both of these nations have two white Siamese heads who were nominally at war with each other for much of the Imperial Era.

South Africa is divided with British versus the Dutch-Boers while Vanuatu is the perpetual 'Odd Couple' union of the British with the French.

Flag of South Africa
Just as the tribes of the whites are deeply divided by so are tribes the blacks. They are separated by language, traditions, and cultures.

If you thought only the USA had racial-minority religious issues? Think again!Both of these nations had to do some crazy stuff to achieve some kind of harmony. Best of luck to them all.

Coincidentally two flags that came to represent these nations match in design. The UK Union Jack in the central white stripe is the harmonious key.

Flag flown representing Vanuatu
at several sporting events (1963-2004)
Old South African Flag when
segregation-apartheid was the rule

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bahrain & Qatar: 9 to 5 zigs and zags

Flag of Qatar
Qatar is a peninsula : 9 zigs
coincidentally Qatar is bigger
thus a need for more zigs

Bahrain and Qatar are Arabian nations of the Persian Gulf. Naturally their flag designs have a harmonious balance. People often mistake Qatar's colour for being black, it's actually maroon!

The Persian Gulf retains stunning beauty as do these lands. Friendly to the west and blessed with an abundance of black gold, these humble nations are apart of our lives and in the business limelight.

Flag of Bahrain
Bahrain is an island
5 zags

Barharain is smaller
thus a less need of zags

Interestingly both nations have citizens that are minorities within their own nation! Something like less that 30% of the people living in either nation are actually Baharani or Qatari! See what happens when you get too rich too fast?

Anyways aren't the gnarly zigzags just plain awesome?

It's a rumor that Ziggy's paternal grandfather was Qatari!
Contrary to Bahrain's name, this island paradise gets little rain.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

California Republic Mojo


These flags can be flown by California Residents who come from other states.  For example the first flag is for residents of California who were born in Alabama.   Although they may be a California resident, they should always be proud of being born from Alabama.

The Alabama Red Bellied turtle is the official state reptile.

The raccoon is an official state symbol of Tennessee. It makes so much sense, since the raccoon skin hat is a symbol of the colonial frontier when Tennessee was the frontier.

The North American porcupine is found all across America, since the word Washington is synonymous with America or rather the United States of America, the forests of Washington are populated by many a porcupine.

If you ever visit the District of Columbia you may notice the varied tame and intelligent squirrels. These little critters are common sight all across America and no member of government can avoid seeing them in their daily lives at DC. Ronald Regan was enchanted by these wily little 'teddy bear' people as has been every president before and after wards.

The Horny Toad, is really a lizard! This critter does not have a tadpole stage like other toads. The colours are taken from the flag of New Mexico state. The official state lizard is the whip tail lizard, but the horny toad lizard is much cooler and exotic.

The white tailed deer is an official animal of Illinois. Illinois is a big state, it is the biggest Yankee State East of Mississippi even though it's in the mid-west.

The red fox is not an official animal of Virginia, rather the fox hound dog is. California Republic Mojo flags will only have critters that were here before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. But there are two exceptions, you'll just have to read on to see who the two exceptions are.

By golly here is one of those exceptions! Arkansas, the wild boars were introduced by the Spanish as hunting food. The 'razor back' is not an official animal of Arkansas rather it is a mascot of a rather famous Arkansas college football team.

The great river otter is not a symbol of Missouri, but since Missouri is famous for being a river state....ergo the otter.

Interestingly the official mammal of North Carolina is the Grey Squirrel, but it dose not seem to fit right. Rather the bold and wise gray wolf seems more like good fit. North Carolina is big state with powerful people. Like a wild wolf, if you can earn the loyalty of a North Carolinian you'll have a true friend for life.

It's obvious isn't? The smallest state gets with a tiny critter? The Star of David is there in commemoration of the first North American Synagogue built in Rhode Island.

The Pika is something of a cross between a rabbit and groundhog. It's like the famous Japanese PIKACHU that only nerds and people under the age of 30 will understand. If you rub a balloon on Pika fur a lightning bolt will indeed shoot out!

Texas has plenty armadillos, these unique species of animals are only found in the Americas. Likewise Texas has its own unique charm that distinguishes itself from all other states. Also the smaller nine banded armadillo is the state mammal of Texas.

Louisiana sure does have tasty frogs legs, but the Bull Frog is not the state amphibian of this water logged state. Rather American green tree frog is the amphibian of Louisiana. The bullfrog seems more rugged and mo' Southern?

Ohio is so common its uncommonly common. The cotton tail rabbit is common all over America and not a state symbol of Ohio.

Bobcats can be found all over North America. The cross patten of stars is done in honor of Mormon Church, which is a home grown made in the USA Church found all over America just like the Bobcat.

The beaver is on the backside of the Oregon flag, so it only makes sense to have on the Cali-Republic Mojo flag. This constructive critter is a state symbol of Oregon.

Prairie dogs are not dogs, they are more like prairie squirrels, called dryly by the scientist as ground squirrels. The official mammal of Nebraska is the White Tailed Deer as it is in so many other states.

We love NJ! But the funky smell of technology is by product of industrialization. Besides the skunk is a cool animal native to the US. Imagine if we could resolve our conflicts with farts? Although it'd be a smelly place, it'd be funnier, and no one would get hurt.

Alaska is cold and big, thus the polar bear is an appropriate symbol. But the state mammal is a Moose, but that spot was taken by Maine.

The Moose is an official mammal of Maine and makes an appearance on the official state flag.

Florida gators, you can't mess with that. The American Alligator is indeed that state animal of Florida.

The pronghorn sheep looks like something from Africa, nope. It's a native 'American-Antelope' of the USA. This neat looking deer has been barely noticed in American consciousness as an American symbol. No state uses this majestic animal as a symbol, rather the white tailed deer has monopolized this position.

Go to JUNE 22, 2010 post to see Part II

The Not Originally Native California American Pride Flag Video
each animal attempts to capture the spirit of the state