Monday, January 25, 2010

Antarctic Flags Twins: Chile and Argentina

Chilean Flag of Antarctic Region

Currently two nations have created flags for their territories in Antarctica: Chile and Argentina. Amazingly the colour and patterns are remarkably similar. Both employ blue, white, and orange of slightly different tints. Chile has the southern Cross pointing downwards to the lower right, while Argentina has the Southern Cross pointing upwards to the upper right.

Why would these two nations design such similarly jagged blue, white, and orange Antarctica flags?

Argentina Flag of Antarctic Region

Perhaps there is some kind of weird collective unconscious connection to the two most prevalent flags already designed for Antarctica?

The first vexillological Antarctica flag was designed by an American in 1978. The American Antarctica flag uses orange as its primary colour. More than twenty years later, another Antarctica flag was released upon the masses that was designed by a British Citizen in the 1996. The interesting coincidence to note is that the Chile and Argentina Antarctica flags seem to be fusion of these these two flags designed by established vexillologists.

1978 Whitney Smith
Antarctica Flag
1996 Graham Bartram
Antarctica Flag




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